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When it comes to men's style, it can be especially difficult to find variation in your looks during the summer months.  Layering isn't an option, and playing with fabrications other than cotton or linen will leave you soaked in sweat.  So what do you do if you want to mix things up without putting more on?

Play with proportion.  Menswear designers have paid close attention to men's shorts this year, and you can find pretty much any length your heart desires.  I'm wearing a pair with a 7" inseam here, which is definitely on the shorter side of what's out there.  I'm wearing them underneath an elongated pocket tee.  Shorter on the bottom, longer on the top.  Definitely not conventional, but it is comfortable, and the difference in proportion allows me to have some fun with my look without pushing things too far left.

If you're thinking you would never go this short, try a 9" inseam.  On most, this will hit you just above the knee.  And with an elongated tee, you'll still get the same dramatic effect.

Menswear has taught us many things in the past year, but most importantly, you can't be afraid to take small risks with your looks.  Men have just as much room to experiment and explore new territory.

Photography by Arlette Landestoy (arlettelandestoy.com)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: Gap; Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger; Tank: Stafford

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