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Off The Field with FIVAS

The emergence of athleisure has been one of my favorite menswear trends.  For so long, active guys were forced to wear a completely separate wardrobe for their fitness activities, and this wardrobe often focused solely on fitness leaving little to no room for style. But those days are over! And brands like FIVAS are finding the perfect balance between function and fashion.

The London-based menswear brand specializes in playing jerseys that are stylish, classic, breathable, and ethically made. The football jerseys are made of a lightweight merino wool which is the perfect year-round fabric.  Tailored and cut to perfection, these jerseys serve a much greater purpose beyond the field as well.

As I've shown here, the FIVAS jersey fits just like your favorite slim dress shirt.  If you want to keep things sporty but appropriate, toss on a casual blazer, slim dark denim, and a strong shoe like a suede double monkstrap to take things up a couple notches.  The finish of the jersey and it's odorless quality make it the perfect the layering piece.

Being an athletic guy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense.  Shop the full FIVAS range at fivas.com.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Finney Football Jersey: FIVAS; Blazer: Frank and Oak; Shoes and Jeans: Banana Republic

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