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HIStory: Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have had a bit of a resurgence in the past few years.  At one point, they were strictly for casual activity.  But designers and mass retailers alike have reimagined the sweatshirt as a dressy piece appropriate for all occasions.  How did this come about and where did sweatshirts come from?

Back in the 1920s, Benjamin Russell founded a company that created underwear for women and children.  Russell's son, Benjamin Jr., was an avid footballer lookimg for more comfortable uniforms and suggested that his dad make a shirt in the same jersey material used for his dad's women's workwear. Then the sweatshirt was born.

It became a menswear fashion staple when Steve McQueen wore one in The Great Escape in 1963.  Over the next few decades, all kinds of variations, colors, fabrics, and details started to materialize in sweatshirt styles.  The garment's versatility extends from comfy casual collegiate looks to tailored night on the town versions.  Sweatshirts are everywhere, and they're proof that what starts out as function can always double as fashion.

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