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Bourgeois Playlist 9.3.15

Another week, another playlist.  My endless quest to find new jams continues.  Though it looks like we'll make it all the way to fall without a definitive anthem, there's still some pretty good music circulating out there.  Read below for my faves this week, and go here to listen for yourself: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/bourgeois-playlist-9.3.15/idpl.06b8dc5b3e924824a68a2d29168d7824

1. Kehlani feat. Coucheron "Alive": Newcomer Kehlani's soft but soulful voice glides over this positive midtempo number about appreciating life.

2. Disclosure feat. Kwabs "Willing & Able": Another soul house banger from the Brit brothers.

3. Penguin Prison "Show Me The Way": Indie pop perfection sure to get you moving on a night in Williamsburg or LES.

4. Tink feat. Tazer " Wet Dollars": Up and coming rapper Tink has proved to be a genre chameleon leaving us all to wonder what her debut LP will sound like.  On this single, she's a 90s club kid rhyming over a saucy house beat. Kudos for the Notorious B.I.G. vocal samples.

5. Alessia Cara "Here": The first single from young soul act Alessia Cara grooves along with the expertise of a singer much more senior.  Can't wait to hear more.

6. Ben Rector "Brand New": I'm going to call it now-this is one of those inspirational singer/songwriter epics that will ultimately soundtrack a car commercial in the next year. Just watch.

7. ZZ Ward "Love 3X": ZZ Ward has been bubbling under the commercial surface with her bluesy stylings, but this one is completely catchy and accessible.  One listen and it'll be stuck in your head.

8. Andra Day "Rise Up": An aching power ballad reminiscent of the great divas of yesteryear...an artist to watch.

9. Black Atlass "Haunted Paradise": More alt soul that proves the best R&B music is happening outside of the genre.

10. dumblonde "Remember Me": A slinky, Caribbean-tinged pop gem from Danity Kane alum Shannon Bex and Aubrey O'Day.

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