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Say No To Socks With Sandals

I get it.  The average dude doesn’t have the innate ability to throw together a great outfit, and he often looks to men’s magazines, social media, or even bloggers for inspiration when dressing for any occasion.  The most evolved guys take their style cues from the runway in hopes that they’re leaps ahead of the pack.  Despite differences in skill or aesthetic, what these guys have in common is they’re assuming all the style advice and photos out there are coming from trusted editors.  They’re resting assured that what they see is ripe for imitation or interpretation.  But I’m hear to tell them, not every runway look is meant to translate to real life.

One big “trend” during the most recent Fashion Week was the unsightly appearance of socks with sandals.  When I think of guys wearing socks with sandals, I think of college students who’ve just survived an all-nighter prepping for finals.  Their bodies are fueled by coffee and coffee only, which is why they can’t use their better judgment in selecting their footwear choices.  However, fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Marni, and Bottega Veneta willingly made the decision to send models down the runway in socks with sandals.  And no one was under the influence of caffeine or sleep deprivation.

Teva has even dared to release a lookbook of different and acceptable ways to wear your socks with sandals.  I can assure you NONE OF THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Is this exercise in bad taste just an attempt to shock and awe? Is this a test to see if the general public will blindly trust designers and wear whatever is shown to them like a group of little Stepford consumers?  It's as though the designers are pulling inspiration from locker rooms and dads at the supermarket on Saturday mornings.  Every season, I see a lot of inspiring looks, and I also see a lot of looks that I’d never wear though they might look good on someone out there.  Socks with sandals don’t look fashionable or hot or even slightly stylish on ANYONE. 

We’re all free to wear what we want, but just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re on trend by wearing this lazy, goofy attempt at avant garde footwear.  Sometimes the runway just can’t be trusted.  Sometimes fishing through Fashion Week thumbnails is just a spectator sport with no real expectation of translation to reality.  It’s okay to let a trend pass you by.  It’s perfectly acceptable to sit this one out on the bench and wait for the right time to get back in the game.

Many publications from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal have joined in on the discussion and publicly ridiculed the resurgence of this fashion faux pas.  Despite high fashion’s attempt to reinvent this sad look, the media just isn’t buying it.  And you shouldn’t either.

Unless your intent is to dress up for Halloween as a person without a clue, avoid this trend like the plague.  Please, just trust me on this one.

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