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Fall Rejuvenation with Armstrong's All-Natural

Whether you want to admit or not, Fall is here. Temps are dropping down to the 50s and 60s at night.  Foliage is starting to make its cameo appearance.  The sun is starting to set at an earlier time.  But most importantly, you probably find yourself digging through your fall wardrobe searching for warmer pieces and more seasonally appropriate footwear.

Every year, I get super excited about pulling my boots back out.  But I don't get super excited about cleaning them.  After two seasons of sloshing through rain and snow in them, I just throw them back in the closet and pray that they won't look that bad when I'm ready to wear them again.  I'm ashamed to say that my only cleaning method for them has been water and paper towels.  I know...very shameful.  But the dirt and grime gives them this kind of vintage look.  (I'm just trying to justify the laziness.)  I never wanted to invest the time or the money in cleaning them.  But Armstrong's All-Natural has injected fun and affordability into boot restoration with a side of sustainability.

The Brooklyn-based company specializes in artisanal, handmade organic products that include recyclable packaging and support sustainable farming practices.  Founder David Armstrong started the company after realizing he wanted to keep one pair of boots in top shape versus always changing in and out of different pairs.  The products available on the market were too oily and heavily chemical-based.  As a response, Armstrong's All-Natural was born.

At prices ranging from $12-16, the brand offers all the boot restoration essentials from boot wax to boot shine and leather conditioner.  There are also offerings in apothecary, butcher block wax, and fabric wax.  This is your new go-to source to keep your leather goods in top form.  If you don't  believe me, take a look at the before and after pics of my weather beaten boots.

Yes, fall is a great time to pull out the sweatshirts and jackets. But it's also time for the millennial generation to rediscover the lost art of proper boot care.  Restore your fall footwear and be the envy of everyone without breaking the bank. Click here for more information on Armstrong's All-Natural.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Sweatshirt: Frank & Oak; Boots: Steve Madden; Jeans and Bag: Banana Republic

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