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The Must Wear List 9.11.15

I'm still reeling from missing out on the free Givenchy runway tickets last week, but I was able to pick myself up and put together another swoon-worthy Must Wear List.  Enjoy!

1. The Hundreds' Rosewood Collection Accessories: So cool that these sport duffles will be available in the respective city noted on the bag.  Adds some exclusivity back to brick and mortar shopping.

2. Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Lamb Wool Sweater: I can't get past the asymmetrical hem.  Plush, luxurious, and a little left of center.

3. Fred Perry "Exhibition Footwear": The tennis chic brand debuts its first high-end shoe collection.  An exercise in 1980s minimalism.

4. Christopher Raeburn Inflatable Backpack: This is absolutely insane.  Function, luxury, and avant garde all in one piece.  You can inflate and deflate as needed. Crazy!

5. Alexander Wang x Evian: Yes, the American streetwear designer has teamed up with Evian as part of their ongoing designer collaboration series.  Art + health = genius.

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