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5 Lessons In Cool From London Collections: Men Street Style

Let's face it.  New York may the epicenter of fashion, but the guys of London can teach us Yankees a thing or two about dapper style.  Whether it's the simplicity of a well-made suit or the confidence in use of color, the men attending London Collections: Men prove that menswear and men's style is at a an all-time high.  See below for a few lessons in cool.

1. Play with proportions circa 1990s grunge.

The men attending London Collections: Men seem more inspired by the rebellious style of Kurt Cobain than the dapper offerings of today's Hollywood stars.  It's all about proportion.  Everything can be oversized, and the total looks still work because of other risks in texture and color.

2. Don't Think Twice About White In Winter.

Risk taking is an afterthought for the style daredevils walking the streets of London during Fashion Week.  These guys prove that you can throw on a pair of white pants and pull it off with confidence and either dark or pop colors from the waist up.

3. A Suit Is Appropriate For Any Occasion.

Even at an event where style choices seem to be driven more by photo ops than true style inclination, the classy men of London prove time and time again that a perfectly cut suit always looks good whether it's paired with a turtleneck, t-shirt, or traditional dress shirt and tie.

4. The Bigger The Scarf, The Better

Sometimes the look isn't as important as the accessory.  This season, it seems that scarves more equal in size to throws are in style.  But even despite the jaw-dropping size of the winter accessories, there's something elegant, dapper, and super stylish about how these guys pull it off.

5. Let Go Of Your Traditional Outerwear.

Whether it's a eye-catching print or a bold color choice, outerwear can go so much further than black and gray.  Time and time again, the street style maneuvers in London have shown aggressive, aspirational risk taking when it comes to keeping warm.

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