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3 Reasons Why Men's Golden Globes Fashion Doesn't Really Matter

Hey fellas! Do you ever find yourself glued to your laptop screen anxiously waiting to hear what the Fashion Police have to say about the best and worst dressed men from the awards show red carpets? No? Neither do I.  If there's one thing guys are good at when it comes to awards show season, it's consistency.  Let's face it-it's pretty hard to fuck up a tuxedo.  It's practically a black tie uniform, and unless you try to make it yourself, you really can't go wrong.  Unlike women's fashion, where there's an endless of amount of colors, silhouettes, accessories, and beauty combos, men's fashion is pretty tame when it comes to traditional red carpet events.  While those fashion recap galleries can be fun to look at every once in a while, I can't even tell what year they're from unless it's plastered at the top of the screen.  I'd much rather see a play by play of what's happening at Fashion Week than see another actor in a slightly different tux.  

1. The red carpet is a sea of sameness for Hollywood's top men.

Are we really getting all googly-eyed over a daring lapel choice? Or a button-free tuxedo jacket? While I commend these gentlemen on looking superbly dapper for the occasion, there's nothing here I haven't seen before.  Sure, there was a speck of midnight blue here or a white jacket there, but that's not daring.  It's not even really pushing against convention.  Can we get an oversized bowtie? I'm talking Rihanna from the CFDA's oversized bowtie?  Or some daring cutouts a la Rick Owens style?

2. A stylist picked everything.

As much time as we spend commending our favorite male stars for keeping things ultimately stylish in the public eye, we all know these looks are the result of a group effort.  These guys should be crediting their stylists along with the designers.  They're the real icons and style gods that are pulling these black tie #ootd's together.  Even though things aren't daring, every little detail comes under scrutiny from these behind the scene players.  I'd love to pick their brains in a red carpet tell-all instead of thumbing through another lackluster photo collection.

3. The most exciting men's fashion is on the runway.

The runway is where the magic happens.  And formal wear isn't happening up there.  A tux is a tux, and men don't need to be reminded about how to wear one.  It is what it is.  I'd much rather see a thumbnail gallery of the best looks from Day 3 of LC:M.  I want to see prints, patterns, and proportions like no other. I want to see fashion go where no man has gone before!  Give me new and exciting! Not old and boring.

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