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Anorak Backpackin'

In most places, we haven't even seen the first snow of the season, and I'm already thinking about Spring.  It seems just a couple weeks ago, I was begging for winter to start.  Maybe I'm just a little flighty when it comes to my weather demands.  Or maybe I just really want to wear this awesome Anorak jacket.

Most guys don't know the difference between an Anorak and a Mac.  Most guys don't realize that men's outerwear categories get this specific.  Both jackets are pretty similar.  They're both waterproof and made of a spring weight.  But it's the subtle differences that set them apart.  A Mac is more like a trench coat with its 3/4 length. Just without a belt.  An Anorak is more of a waist length jacket and is hooded.  Both are great, but the Anorak tends to be more sporty and functional.  It's a great piece to have in your back pocket for those random precipitation-heavy, summer days that keep popping up in the middle of winter.

And speaking of utility, the beginning of the new year is always an opportunity to reinvest in stylish bags. Despite being long removed from my school days, I find that backpacks can still suit adult needs when they have a more fashion-forward and mature design.  This backpack from Estarer is pretty fantastic.  The leather strapping, the chambray-like canvas material, the numerous pockets and compartments throughout the bag.  It's great for taking my laptop around, and I can pretty much fit my entire life in this thing.

It's never too early to start thinking about Spring outerwear, and it's always appropriate to find functional utility bags that help you in your everyday urban life.  Once the temps rise above 50 degrees again, you'll definitely see me Anorak Backpackin' around the city.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Anorak and Sweater: Frank & Oak//Beanie: JC Penney//Backpack: Estarer//Gloves: Marc Jacobs//Jeans: Gap//Sneakers: Keds

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