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Pitti Uomo Proves Italian Men Dress Better Than All Of Us

If you've never taken the time to explore images of street style from Pitti Uomo, you are seriously missing out.  Pitti Uomo is the Italian equivalent to New York/London/Paris Men's Fashion Week and markets combined into one. Street style isn't even really befitting of the incredible fashion that's being captured.  I have to admit, I don't really even dive into any of the presentations.  But I swoon like a schoolgirl over the street style, and you will too.  Everyone is so dapper, elegant, refined, and gentlemanly.  It's a classic approach to men's style that we just don't see anywhere else.  I think it's safe to say that Italian men dress better than all of us.  Here's why:

1. Pitti Uomo reminds us that true style has no age.

Just look at this cross-generational evidence above.  Whether we're looking at a 20-year-old model, a 45-year-old bachelor, or a 70-year-old style savant, style is a prerequisite.  Though I'm a fan of streetwear just like the next guy, this is an elevated level of style one can only hope to reach in his lifetime. One of my life goals is to still pull off a sharp, double-breasted suit in my sunset years.

2. The style of Pitti Uomo evokes the best of past and present menswear.

In a day and age where men in suits can sometimes be the poster children for a lack of style, Pitti Uomo reminds us that when a suit is perfectly cut and expertly styled, there's a no pair of joggers in the world that can compete.  Suiting is part of the foundation of men's style.  It has always been here and it's not going anywhere.  All we can do is choose to embrace it.  But let the Italian men serve as an example.  Don't half ass it.  Blow it out of the water.

3. When Italian men show up to Pitti Uomo presentations, everyone swoons (and that will include you).

It may not be a romantic swoon, but you'll definitely develop several man crushes.  You'll be in awe of these men who are just like you and I but seem to pull their style inspiration from an otherworldly place.  You'll admire them.  You'll praise them.  You'll want to dress just like them.  Game recognizes game.  And these men deserve all of our respect.  Every last bit of it.

4. They make your style icons look like trash.

Let's be real.  If you bow at the altar of Steve Harvey style, you just don't get it.  The only thing you stand to gain from viewing these street style pics is a lesson in how to dress like a true new age gentleman.  Pitti Uomo is proof that we have to stop looking to celebs and start looking to the average guy on the street for style inspo. (Or the very above average guy on the street.)

5. We have a reminder of why the golden age of menswear is upon us.

It's no secret that menswear is excelling.  The menswear industry's sales are growing exponentially faster than every other category, including groceries (those things we need to keep living).  And when I look at how Italian men dress, I can see why.  I'd definitely skip a meal or two to pick up a few suits that give me the same polish as these fellas.  With an approach to dress that's so simultaneously next level and traditional, there's no way menswear won't continue its inevitable fashion takeover.

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