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Every Guy Needs An Accessory Refresh

If you're like most guys, you're perfectly fine with rocking the same old gloves and scarves from year to year because they keep you warm and that's all you need, right?  But your winter accessories experience wear and tear just like any other frequently used garment.  And if you're putting them through the ringer year after year, you can only imagine the tough shape they're in.  Your beanie starts to pill terribly.  Your gloves get ripped or snagged.  Your scarf starts to unravel.  Though you may still feel comfortable and protected, you look ragged and worn.  And that's not a good look.

Winter accessories need a seasonal refresh just like everything else in your wardrobe.  But this refresh doesn't mean you have to drop beaucoup bucks to get new items.  Keep things simple and cheap by visiting bigger department stores or local shops.  Due to the warmer weather that many of us experienced back in December, you should be able to scoop up some new pieces right now for an insane bargain.

And when it comes to style, pattern, and color, step a little outside of your comfort zone.  Everyone will be wearing black.  It's just something people do during the winter.  So if you want to stick out just a little, go for some more vibrant colors like jungle green, or mix things up with a striped pattern that incorporates other seasonally appropriate colors like gray and brown.  Concerning your gloves, I know everyone is all obsessed with touch gloves right now.  You know, the ones that allow you to use your phone while you still have your gloves on because the index fingers have sensor pads on them.  But at the end of the day, my objective is to keep my hands warm, and I'm perfectly fine with the old school wool variety. That text or retweet can wait until I'm indoors.

Don't be that guy with the ratty hat and scarf this winter.  Invest a little chump change and energy in an accessory refresh and ensure you're keeping warm in style.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Beanie: Men In Cities//Scarf: Roundtree & Yorke//Gloves: Frank & Oak//Coat: Banana Republic//Jeans: Greywire//Boots: Original Penguin

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Will Forte's half-shaved head and face thing...is not a thing

Will Forte's half-shaved head and face thing...is not a thing