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5 Winter Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

5 Winter Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

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I don't know about you, but I love winter.  I feel that my style is at its peak when I can layer and add endless depth to my looks.  But for many guys, comfort and warmth tend to take top priority over style.  And rightfully so.  It's cold out there! And staying warm is absolutely a concern.  But there is a way to achieve all objectives (style, warmth, and comfort) without being ticketed by the fashion police.  Whatever you do this winter, avoid these 5 seasonal pitfalls.

1. Please don't wear Uggs.

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By all means, please keep your feet warm.  But don't do it in a women's boot.  When there's snow on the ground, you need a boot that can weather the elements without soaking your socks.  Nobody likes a soggy sock.  But a suede woman's boot does not accomplish this.  If you want rugged functionality, head to your nearest Sorel store.  These duck boots come in both rain and snow varieties, are super warm, and beyond comfortable.  Throw these guys on for your commute to work, and make sure you've got your work shoes in your bag.

2. Oversized bubble coats are for 90s hip hop videos only.

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Unless you're shooting an episode of I Love The 90s or starring in a biopic about Naughty by Nature, skip the bubble coats.  In this day and age, everything we do and wear is flatter and more efficient.  This is inclusive of outerwear.  If you need a down coat, grab yourself a parka.  You've got all the plush insulation without the ballooning size.  And many brands sell thinsulate-type jackets that you can use as additional layering for warmth under your peacoat or topcoat.  You don't have to embarrass yourself to stay warm.  Trust me on this one.

3. Please don't wear shorts outside in winter. Please.

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We've all seen this guy.  There's a day where temps are in the low 40s, and he breaks out his shorts like it's a heatwave.  Don't be a jackass.  The 40s are still pretty damn cold, and your legs (in desperate need of tanning by now) need to stay covered.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it, dude. You aren't a tough guy.  We all know you're freezing.  

4. Save the summer fabrics for summer.

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I know this one may seem a bit particular, but it's necessary.  Though you love your gingham woven shirt or your seersucker blazer, winter just isn't the time for them no matter how cool you think you look.  This is the time to embrace darker colors and thicker fabrics.  To keep your body warm. To show off your fashion know-how.  There are patterns that are universal regardless of the season like polka dots, stripes, and plaid.  Save your madras for the warmer months and embrace your dark side.

5. Let your old accessories go. 

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Your favorite beanie fit your head perfectly and had the perfect thickness to keep your head warm.  It matched every outfit.  You wore it every winter...for five years.  And now it looks like it's been used as your dog's chew toy.  It's time for you to part ways and find your new favorite beanie.  If your hat is so pilled that it looks like you have permanent snow on your head, it's time to refresh.  Trust me, no one likes a tattered and torn accessory.  You've got to stay fresh.  Even in the winter.

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