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Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts To Keep Your Resolution Alive

Okay, gang.  I'm checking in to see how you're doing with your fitness resolutions so far.  Still going strong? Just a weekend warrior? Or did you start to downing donuts again by day 2? I'm not judging you either way.  I know it's hard.  But you must remember that summer bodies are built in the winter.  You can't wait until two weeks before your vacation to the Bahamas to try to whip yourself into shape.  Nothing productive can come from hibernating all winter.  Trust me on this one.  If you're like me, nothing motivates you more to get your ass back to the gym than perusing the photos of Instagrammers who are in insane shape.  My timeline is filled with fitness inspo, and if you want daily reminders of what you can achieve by staying focused, then yours should be too.  Press the follow button on these five accounts for a little extra motivation to hit the weights.

1. @devinphysique

This guy is truly an inspiration.  He's a global ambassador for Shredz supplements, and he uses his IG feed to show his progress as well as the progress of the clients he trains.  His feed is also peppered with inspirational stories and quotes.  He's even helped transform his mom's physique.  This is one super fit dude, and he definitely shares helpful hints on how to achieve your best body. Follow him stat!

2. @nickcheadlefitness

One of the biggest obstacles in getting fit is a lack of education.  Nick Cheadle's feed is one of the most comprehensive profiles on IG.  In addition to his super impressive physique, you can learn about the benefits of flexible dieting (which you will love, trust me) and get tips on how to get incredibly shredded without hours of cardio.  Cheadle is proof that you can achieve your dream body and still have a ton of fun while doing so.

3. @atrain_100

This guy is a pro lifter, and his feed is about a lot more than Transformation Tuesday selfies.  He shares videos where he is continuously challenging himself in his workouts.  And he encourages his followers to be their best in every aspect of life.  There are inspiring stories about his past, motivational quotes, and tons of exercises and routines to help you achieve your peak physique.

4. @dylanthomas90

Here's another IG feed chock full of educational info.  Sir Thomas goes in-depth to ensure you understand the basics before hitting the gym.  This account is just as useful as it is inspiring.  Set aside some time to guide your way through his posts.  You'll walk away feeling like you just went through phase one of your quest to become a personal trainer.  Seriously, start reading!

5. @isnathan

When the worlds of fashion and crossfit collide, there are awesome results.  Nathan McCallum is a blogger who focuses equally on insane crossfit workouts and awesome rockstar style.  Anyone who thinks gaining muscle will stop them from looking stylish needs to check out his feed.  Not only do you see the results of hard work, but you get to see video after video of intense workouts that will help take your workouts to the next level. And the guy is starring in his own fitness show on MTV Australia.  Did you need any further proof to check this feed out?

So there you have it.  I recommend these feeds not just because these guys are in great shape, but because their profiles are full of useful information and tips that can help you.  Sure it's inspiring to see a really fit person, but without the necessary knowledge, that pic isn't really useful.  Whether you follow one or all of these profiles, you are bound to get inspired and get off your couch.  Keep those resolutions alive, fellas!

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