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I Want To Take Over Ben Carson's Instagram Account

This may be unexpected coming from me, but Lena Dunham is one of my role models.  She created a series that has one of the defining voices of my generation.  She penned a divisive, funny, and insightful book of personal essays that still serves as a hot discussion topic. She’s injected new blood into one of the oldest communication platforms with her email newsletter, Lenny. And now, in another move to solidify her status as a curator of cool shit, she’s taken over Hillary Clinton’s Instagram account.  If I were to follow in her super cool and influential footsteps, I’d take over Ben Carson’s IG (all political affiliations aside).  Here’s why:

Ben, you’re playing it way too safe in the fashion realm.

You heard me.  You’re playing it too safe.  I know you’re a Republican candidate and politicians are pretty conservative in style of dress by default.  But come on Ben!  Scrolling through your feed, I fear you might actually be wearing the same suit and tie combo in several photos.  I can help you mix it up with some playful color risk taking and even a few new dandy accessories.

You need a celebrity endorsement from the fashion world.

I’m afraid I’m not yet famous enough to fill this slot for you, Mr. Carson.  But I assure you, through the six degrees of separation, that there’s someone in my network with enough clout and over 1 million followers that can endorse you and tag your IG account in an announcement photo.

Your feed needs more content diversity.

Don’t worry.  This is what I do.  I can help you create a new direction and aesthetic for your posts during my takeover.  You see that Hitchcockian black and white photo you posted a few weeks ago?  That pic is totally cool, and we need more of that to boost up your content.  It’s time to show your voters that you’re not just any old presidential candidate-you’re also a solid content curator and pro style maven.
So what do you say Ben? Is your Instagram account ready for a menswear blogger takeover like none other?

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