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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hit The Gym Again

The New Year can be so exciting, right? It’s a chance to start over.  A year full of possibility and change.  You feel invincible, hopeful, and excited.  But it’s also a time to realize that you didn’t do all that shit you said you were gonna do last year.  So you come up with this gigantic to do list which almost always includes a resolution about getting back in the gym or picking up running again or going back to yoga or slimming down for the wedding.  Something along those lines.  But before you go all A-type personality on us posting gym selfies on IG and checking in on Facebook for EVERY SINGLE workout, pause for a beat and think about these things

1.     What are your goals?

What? You thought you were just going to work out every day until you felt better about yourself? How will you know if you’re successful?  Without an end goal in sight, what’s to keep you from skipping your workout for Happy Hour or Taco Tuesday or Netflix and Chill?  Whether you want to lose five pounds or commit to going four times a week, get something down on paper that you can visualize and stick to.

2.     What are you going to wear?

I know you.  You haven’t worked out in almost a year, and you know this first week is gonna be rough.  So you’re digging in the back of your closet for that old college sweatshirt with the bleach stain and that one pair of sweatpants that has the little hole around the leg opening that you think isn’t big enough for anyone else to notice.  Think again.  What if you run into your ex or your new crush or your new boss or anyone you know really? There are a multitude of possibilities here and you need to be prepared for any possible scenario. Get a rockstar workout outfit together pronto. 

3.  What type of workout are you going to do?

Please see question 1.  That pesky little goal question needs to be answered before you even think about stepping foot onto a gym floor.  Please don’t be that guy that just starts making up exercises that make you look stupid, injure you, injure someone else, or all of the above.  If you’re a beginner and not quite sure about routines and proper form, do your research! There are tons of fitness magazines and blogs out there that can help you out regardless of your fitness level.  But going back into the gym without a clue is not a smart thing to do.

4.     What are you going to eat?

Yeah, you actually have to think about what you’re putting into your body when you start working out.  I know it sounds crazy.  But what’s even crazier is that you thought coffee, Doritos, and Magnolia cupcakes were the proper fuel to bring back the six pack that’s hiding out under there somewhere.  We can go really deep here, but for starters, just ditch the processed foods and get more lean meats and green things on your plate.  You’ll feel better and look better.  And you won’t feel like passing out during EVERY workout.  You’ll see.


5. Where are you going to workout?

Odds are, if getting back in the gym is part of your New Year’s resolution, you probably don’t belong to one.  So it’s time to hit the bricks and get signed up.  Do your research first though.  Figure out your budget.  What can you afford to throw down on a monthly basis?  There are plenty of options whether you need the basics for ten bucks or need to live in the lap of luxury for $200.  Also, take a look at the fine print.  Some gyms have crazy cancellation policies that could cost you a pretty penny or contracts that lock you into membership for a fixed amount of time.  Getting back on track to achieve your summer body is definitely exciting, but paying $300 to get out of a gym contract is not.


I know, I know. This sounds like a lot of research.  But if getting back in shape was so easy, you’d already be there.  We’d all already be there.  Now get to Googling or we’ll have to add in a resolution about procrastination.  

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