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A Fit New Year

Let me start off by officially welcoming you all to 2016!  And Happy Monday! I'm sure this is one of two Mondays for most people.  It's either the inevitable return to work after two joyous weeks off from your real life or it's your first day back in the gym after a noticeably long absence and a new commitment to a super ambitious New Year's resolution.

I'm a firm believer that the first step forward in your fitness resolution is to look the part.  Fashion isn't just for the runway or your social life or the office.  It's an important part of how you present yourself at the gym as well.  While the tendency may be to grab any ol' thing out of the closet for that first workout because you'll be all sweaty and gross anyway, think twice.  Wearing a great outfit can boost your confidence in any scenario.  If you're decked out in all new gym gear, think about how excited you'll be to get back in there vs. wanting to hide in a dark corner in your ratty t-shirt and baggy sweats.  Plus, this is that infamous time of year when everyone on Earth seems to return to the gym.  So you never know who you could run into-a coworker, a friend, a potential business lead, or even the love of your life!

I prefer to find the balance between comfort and function.  I do a lot of bodyweight circuits and indoor cardio, but I still love running tights.  They absorb the sweat, save me the trouble of having to deal with underwear during my workout, and they give me a chance to add some style to my look.  I rock them with short shorts to keep pushing boundaries all winter. A dri-fit top is also absolutely essential.  If you're wearing a regular cotton shirt, the sweat bogs you down and makes you feel heavy and sticky.  Dri-fit tops whisk the sweat away from your body without making your shirt feel like an extra five pounds of resistance.  And of course, a great pair of supportive sneakers that still showcase a design element can top things off.

Before you step foot into the gym to power toward your New Year's fitness resolution, take a few moments to plan your look and head into your sweat session with the confidence of a warrior.

Photography by Tarik Carroll

Hoodie: H&M//Top, Tights, and Sneakers: Nike//Shorts: Frank & Oak

Men's Navy Shorts, Grey Sweatpants on Lookastic: Navy Shorts, Grey Sweatpants

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