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Vinegar Is The Key to Cleaning Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

There’s a lot of info out there about to how to preserve the quality, fit, texture, and color of your jeans. 

Don’t ever wash them if you want them to stay the same.  But that seems kinda gross.  


You can hand wash them.  But how the hell do I hand wash things? Like with a washboard and a bucket?

Put them in a ziplock bag and throw ‘em in the freezer.  But it's a bit cold to be doing anything that involves the freezer.

Well fear not! The answer to all your denim washing woes is in your kitchen cabinet.  Your unlikely laundry savior is vinegar of both the regular and white wine varieties.  Yes, you read that right.  Vinegar.  It combines with oil to make a fine vinaigrette dressing.  It’s the perfect cleanser for your humidifier.  And now, it’s your new laundry detergent.

Follow these simple steps to keep your favorite jeans in tip top shape. 

1.     Fill up your tub or kitchen sink with cold water.

2.     Add a cup of vinegar into the water (white wine is best for jeans with dark color).

3.     Turn your jeans inside out (especially if they’re dark).

4.     Fully submerge them in the water-vinegar mix and let them soak for at least one hour.

5.     After they’re done soaking, line or flat dry them.

I know what you’re thinking.  Now your jeans will be preserved but you’ll smell like vinegar. 


Don’t worry! Once your jeans dry, the smell goes away.  I just tried this earlier in the week with my favorite pair of skinny black waxed denim.  And I can attest that this works-dissipating smell and all!  If you want to keep your jeans clean but don’t want to lose that perfect fit, give the vinegar treatment a go! 

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