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Pizza Hut's Hut Swag Clothing Line Is A Real Thing

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  Mega giant pizza chain Pizza Hut is jumping into the fashion game with its "Hut Swag" clothing line.  The brand's offerings include a "Pizza Is Bae" hoodie, Stay Cheesy fitted cap, and Tribal Pizza Leggings.  If you love mass-produced pizza so much that you need to express it to the rest of the world through your wardrobe choices, then by all means.  Do you boo.  But I can't help but think this is extra cheesy (no pun intended).  At first, I even thought it was a joke.  But there's a give back component.  100% of the Hut Swag proceeds will go to WFP USA, a charity that feeds children through its global school meals program.  Seems like a legit operation.  While I applaud Pizza Hut's ambitious undertaking and generous donation strategy, what does this mean for fashion?  Here are a few far-fetched ideas:

National food chains will become the next great designers.

People love to eat.  People love fashion.  Why not combine the two?  I can see it now.  KFC's drumstick yoga pants.  Burger King's charbroil scented beanies.  The possibilities are endless for fast food restaurants all over the world to boost revenue by venturing into fashion.  What better way for a dedicated diner to show appreciation than by getting decked out in the latest Mickey D's swag?

People will start wearing actual food on their clothes.

I see you Domino's.  You thought you were light years ahead when customers could start tweeting pizza emoji's to place orders.  But what if your customer could just wear pizza on their clothes?  Lady Gaga's meat dress was just the beginning.  Call it Value Meal Couture.  It's the next logical collaborative step for fashion and the restaurant industry, right?  

H&M's next designer collab could be with Taco Bell.

Imagine.  H&M commissions Karl Lagerfeld to design a discount collection using classic images from Taco Bell campaigns.  That little chihuahua will be all the rage again.  And people will buy it.  People will buy anything that H&M sells.

(insert celebrity name here) wears a Hut Swag tee on an awards show red carpet.

Every designer needs a celebrity endorsement.  Justin Theroux wears one of these tees under a moto jacket, and an ironic statement will create a pizza tee buying frenzy.  You shake your head and laugh now.  Next thing you know, you're adding a "Devoted To Pizza" tee to your cart.

This week has seen some oddball fashion moves for sure.  But this one may take the cake.  Does the world really need a Pizza Hut clothing line? Couldn't they just donate to charity without becoming "designers"?  Or introduce a limited edition menu item instead? Hopefully this doesn't mean anything for the world of fashion.  Like absolutely nothing.

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