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5 Reasons Kirby Jenner's Instagram Profile Is The Smartest Feed You're Not Following


You're probably wondering who the hell Kirby Jenner is, right? You pride yourself on knowing all things Kardashian even though you'd never admit it to anyone.  And you know for sure there's no way you missed Kirby in all those episodes of KUWTK.  Well, you didn't miss him.  Kirby is the fake fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner, and due to some sharp wit and incredible Photoshop skills, he's the latest member of the K clan to take IG by storm.  He's amassed over 20,000 followers with just 23 pics, and he's still going strong.  Take a look below at all the reasons you'll ever need to start following the self-proclaimed Amateur Model/Lover of all things.

1. This guy has incredibly sickening Photoshop prowess.

I mean, look at this photo.  If this wasn't a humor IG profile, I would totally believe Kirby was poolside lounging with Kendall and the Biebs.  This is top quality photo altering at its best.  And this pic is just one of over 20 expertly reimagined posts.  I can't wait to see what's next? Kirby on the Balmain runway? KIrby holding his new nephew Saint in the audience at the VMA's?

2. He's all about serving Dadbod realness.

Kirby is a brave guy.  This is someone who proudly chooses doughnuts over dumbbells.  And he's not afraid to juxtapose his mildly flabby ass next to the near perfect bum of a runway stomping top model.  He is singlehandedly ensuring that all the progress Dadbods made in 2015 is not left behind.

3. You'll kinda wish Kirby was really a member of the Kardashian fam.

I mean, wouldn't it be cool if an everyday dude was an anti-glam part of this glam squad?  While the rest of the fam does coffee runs in Dolce & Gabbana, Kirby's walking the Golden Globes red carpet in Old Navy.  He'd be a Kardashian that kept it real.  Like really real.  Like I'm depressed and I'm gonna eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's real.  Like I still wear tighty whities real.  Like I can't fit these pants anymore but I'm still wearing them anyway with a little a bit of fat hanging over the waistline real.

4. The hashtags alone effectively sell every photo with no other context needed.

#postnap. #presnack. #sizemedium. #buns. #backwhengucciwastheshittorock.  These are just a few of my faves.  While the rest of us live and die by what hashtags we use, this guy is just making shit up and seriously WINNING.  The hashtags are so funny that no other explanation is needed.  They sell each picture without a problem.  But the captions are pretty fun, too.

5. Dare I say it, this is the future of comedy.

Don't get me wrong.  Sitcoms and standup aren't going anywhere.  But quick-witted, easily shareable content on the most influential social networks is the future of comedy.  Communicating humor without having to set up a joke takes a lot of work and intelligence.  It's really difficult to do.  But it's something the people want.  Just ask The Fat Jewish and his 7.4 million followers.

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