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Krazy With Karl Will Lead To Ratings Gold

Kocktails with Khloe, the sassiest Kardashian's latest reality TV venture and first solo show, has proven that the American public loves watching famous people on television.  The show generated the highest rated series premiere in the history of the FYI network (not sure how much time FYI's history spans).  But either way it's a success, and I'm sure cable TV execs will be scrambling to find the next celebrity talk show hit.  Well, execs, I've been racking my brain too, and I've stumbled upon the genius suggestion of fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld as your next muse.

The guy is a walking meme generator.

A show with Karl Lagerfeld as host is guaranteed to have a strong afterlife on social media.  A search for Karl Lagerfeld quotes or memes generates thousands upon thousands of options now.  Just imagine the wealth of new memes and GIFs that would overtake the internet once Krazy with Karl debuts.  It would be a pop culture sensation without a doubt.  Critics may not be too interested but the fashion fans would D-I-E.

This would be the most delightfully decadent show on TV.

Lagerfeld is basically the luxury fashion world's answer to Liberace.  He's fabulous, over the top, a bit cray, and really freaking talented.  And I can't imagine the guy living a life that includes anything other than cereal with gold flakes and platinum sippy cups full of Don Perignon.  Special guests would have a choice between foie gras or caviar prepared by Mario Batali.  This trumps the bartender switchup on Watch What Happens LIve by far.

We might see him with his glasses off.

Ok maybe not.  The sunglasses on at all times thing is kind of Lagerfeld's trademark.  So I'd wisely guess that he'd keep his glasses on inside in every episode regardless of who the guest was.  But there's always the chance he might remove them during a heartfelt conversation with Anna Wintour about the stress of designing his next collection.  Viewers would be holding out for a human-ish moment.  There's always hope.

It's a win win for everyone.

We get an inside look at one of fashion's most mysterious and intriguing figures.  Lagerfeld gets reimagined as the ultimate TV host.  And some cable TV exec gets praised as a genius for stealing my idea.  Wait a minute, I'm reaching out to Lagerfeld's team as we speak!

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