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5 Uptown Bourgeois Posts You May Have Missed This Week

Whew! What a week! From the ongoing political conversation about "Formation" to the simultaneous debut of Yeezy Season 3 and The Life of Pablo, I am in need of some serious pop culture recovery this weekend.  And I'm sure, in your intense social media sharing of every Beyoncé or Kanye development, you may have missed some of the best stuff right here at Uptown Bourgeois.  But fear not.  I've got you covered.  See below for a recap of the week and links to the must-read pieces.  Get into it!

1. 10 Of The Most Ignorant Reactions To Beyoncé's "Formation" From The Menswear Blogosphere

The Interwebz can be a scary place.  People on the comment boards have unleashed on Queen B with comments ranging from lack of pop culture relevance to racist rants about setting back race relations in America.  I am a supporter of Mrs. Carter, and I dealt with all the hate by making fun of the haters.  Join the discussion here: http://bit.ly/1mvmnMQ

2. It's Time For You To Accept Kanye, The Designer

Yeezy is a divisive public figure who commands major respect as a rapper and producer but is challenged in finding that same respect in the world of fashion.  Here's a few reasons to finally welcome Kanye The Designer into your sartorial conscience: http://bit.ly/1XjxFBg

3. You've Probably Never Heard of South African Menswear Week...And That's Okay

If I told you that South African Menswear Week has been around one year longer than New York Fashion Week: Men's, would you believe me? You may not but you should.  Here's all the scoop on the new menswear hotbed you didn't know about: http://bit.ly/1TQS3Kb

4. The Bag Makes The Man

I'm back with a new style direction and some tips on how to work that perfect duffle bag into your look.  Take note, fellas: http://bit.ly/1UZ1zco

5. Beyond Melanin: 4 Actors Who Should Join Roundtable Discussion On Diversity

Entertainment Weekly posted a groundbreaking discussion about gender diversity in Hollywood.  Now it's time to expand that conversation to race in Hollywood.  Here's my bid for four actors that should be tapped to discuss: http://bit.ly/1T7bPlc

Every Track From The Life of Pablo Matched With Every Men's Look From Yeezy Season 3

Every Track From The Life of Pablo Matched With Every Men's Look From Yeezy Season 3

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