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Every Track From The Life of Pablo Matched With Every Men's Look From Yeezy Season 3

Every Track From The Life of Pablo Matched With Every Men's Look From Yeezy Season 3

Winter was formerly known as the dead zone for the creative arts.  The movie industry typically dumps its worst fare while moviegoers rush to see the Oscar nominees.  The music industry sends all its young new artists out to die.  But winter 2016 is arguably the most eventful pop culture season we've ever seen with highly anticipated and high-profile releases from the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, and of course Kanye West.  I'm still reeling from last night's SNL performances, but I've gathered myself enough to mash up the worlds of Yeezy Season 3 and The Life of Pablo.  Here's a look at the perfect Yeezy Season 3 outfit for EVERY track from The LIfe of Pablo. Fellas, this year is all about next level layering.  Get ready.

1. Ultralight Beam

Ultralight Beam plays like a post-apocalyptic gospel.  More than faith, you need trippy plays on color and proportion to secure your spot in the future.

2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1

Yeezy has tweeted that writing this song brought him to tears.  Surely not the part about the bleached asshole.  But considering that this is one of the more emotionally bare songs on the album, the barest look from the collection seems appropriate.

3. Pt. 2

Part 2 takes a noticeably darker turn.  If you're going to be a emotional mercenary, you have to dress the part.  Some of the sleekest lines and slimmest silhouettes from the men's collection help communicate the message.

4. Famous

This is definitely the song courting the most controversy with that little opening lyric about making Taylor Swift famous.  If you're going to court controversy, you might as well attract attention with your look as well.  Storming through winter in yellow is sure to get you noticed.

5. Feedback

Feedback evokes a bit of 80s swag and vague rock edge.  The combo of the camo print sweatshirt and track pants create the ideal look for a b-boy from 2050.

6. Low Lights

This track delightfully retreads some of the spiritual feelings of Ultralight Beam.  This look seems fitting for the uniform we'd all be wearing as we worship at the church of Yeezy.  Tattered, torn, humble, but still fly.

7. Highlights

Highlights shows the side of 'Ye that grew up listening to R&B.  It brings to mind the 2016 version of a Gap Band song.  Summer BBQs. Riding around in a Jeep Cherokee. This look keeps the hues light and the top breezy.

8. Freestyle 4

Raw. Eerie. Unstructured. Avant garde. But you can't stop listening.  This is the kind of look you'd wear to a club at 2 a.m. to see Yeezy performing this. In the East Village.

9. I Love Kanye

This look feels most like something we'd possibly see Mr. West wearing, and given that I Love Kanye is just his voice and nothing more, this is ultra fitting.

10. Waves

This is the song responsible for the delay in the release of The Life of Pablo.  Accented by Chris Brown's catchy hook and Kid Cudi's haunting background vocals, the track feels triumphant.  So does this look.

11. FML

Brooding, emo Kanye reigns on this one.  And this look, mainly engulfed by the olive green coat, gives the same feel.  Kanye, The Weeknd, this model, me, you-we're all in our feelings.

12. Real Friends

He's still emo on this one, but the message is poignant and true.  The sentiment sticks with you after the track ends.  And this is the Kanye of The College Dropout.  It's an amazing return to form, and this look is the closest we'll get to the backpack rapper of his "All Falls Down" days.

13. Wolves

We first heard Wolves almost two years ago on the SNL 40th anniversary special.  And now here it is. 'Ye sounds like he's preparing for battle against everyone and everything around him.  This look is part desert soldier, part hood renegade-ready for combat on any terrain.

14. Silver Surfer Intermission

The free-flowing, futuristic tone of this look matches the undoubtedly substance-fueled, spaced out voicemail that takes up the 56 seconds of this interlude.

15. 30 Hours

This is one of the more straightforward songs on the record.  And this is one of the more straightforward looks from the collection.  Seems like a match made in heaven.

16. No More Parties In LA

Yeezus blessed the public with this Kendrick Lamar collab a few weeks back.  It's so soulful that throwback doesn't seem to do it justice.  Maybe it's post-post apocalyptic? Post hip hop? This look, in the same vein, is post-color. Post-silhouette. Post-everything you thought you knew about fashion.

17. Facts

Kanye celebrates his seeming newly acclaimed reign as the king of the athletic sneaker industry. Though this look features his duck boots and not the Yeezy Boosts, it still shows off his penchant for using strong footwear to carry a look.

18. Fade

The last track of TLOP feels like a reggae-tinged celebration of all that has been accomplished with this album, collection, and all-around pop culture interruption.  And the last look I'm featuring seems equally full of bravado and accomplishment.

And you can wear these remaining 3 looks while you rewatch the performance glory of Yeezy's appearance on SNL last night.

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