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15 Style Mantras That You Should Be Following

Fashion is difficult.  Don't wear this. Only wear that color with this color.  Don't wear it too loose but not too tight.  There's a wealth of information out there with a lot of conflicting opinions.  The great thing about fashion is that it's subjective.  What looks great to one person is viewed as trash by another.  In essence, there are no rules.  Sure, there are some general guidelines that everyone follows when it  comes to decency (i.e. keep your man parts covered and things like that).  But you really are free to wear whatever the hell you want and follow whatever advice you choose.  Or no advice at all.  Below are 15 fashion quotes about proudly marching to the beat of your own drum when it comes to your personal style.

"As long as you feel good, no one else's opinion matters." -Me


How true is this? Before you get stressed out by what everyone else is telling you to wear, listen to your instincts.  What makes you feel good?  Do you even feel good inside to begin with? If something's wrong in there, even a Tom Ford suit will feel like a trash bag.


Some fantastic advice.  Make them turn their heads to get a second look at you.  Regardless of whether it's to praise you or crucify you, they looked.  That's a good thing, right?


This is something I truly believe.  You never know who you're going to run into you.  Granted, if you have a healthy sense of self and you're spiritually intact, you'll feel great no matter what.  But that's not most of us.  There's definitely an extreme sense of satisfaction when you run into an ex or a nemesis and you look fly as hell.  Your superior look says, "Hey, even though you hate me, I'm clearly the better looking one of the two." It's not about what they think.  It's about what you imagine they're thinking.


Take your time.  The party will still be there when you're ready to bless everyone with your presence.  Nothing is worse than spending an evening out wishing you'd worn a different outfit or realizing your jeans have a pasta sauce stain on them that you didn't see when you were rushing to get dressed.  Spend a few extra moments making sure you love your look.  It pays off.


This year's NYFWM definitely taught me this.  I poured my heart and soul into covering the runway, but all anyone really wanted to know about was street style and my personal experiences.  Fashion is no longer about telling us what we need to wear.  It's about wearing what we want.  The consumer has gone rogue, and in the process, completely changed the industry.


Inspiration is truly everywhere.  Not just in magazines or fashion shows.  It's perfectly fine if that's what inspires you.  But you can find just as much excitement and beauty in a landscape or a trash can or the filthy New York City subway.  I find myself more intrigued by people I pass on the street than anything I see in editorials.


Follow trends with caution.  Do you want to look like a zombie or like an authentic version of you? The thing about trends is that they're short-lived.  When you wear them, you look like everyone else.  If you wear them after their popularity has passed, you look like a tool.  Developing your own style is worth the time investment because you won't ever go out of style.


Just in case the last quote didn't make it clear, here's a version that's less Chicken Soup for the Soul and more Rupaul's Drag Race.  


More wisdom from sir Karl and a personal mantra of mine.  Most of us cannot afford to buy complete new outfits every time we shop.  It's super important to buy pieces that we can work into our existing wardrobes.  You can wear a brand new look that only has one actual new item.


And who are you if you've given into the pressures of looking like everyone else? Take bits and pieces of inspiration from everywhere.  The sum of the parts creates a look that's unique to you.


Sometimes it feels lonely out there wearing whatever the fuck you want.  But being an individual is important.  No one can ever accuse you of following the pack.  And that's so much more important than blending in.


For those who pay attention to the outfit credits here at Uptown Bourgeois, I hope this is something that you've learned.  Whether it's a $300 Public School sweater or a $20 pair of H&M pants, it's how you style the pieces that brings a look to life.  It's never about a brand.  It's never about an individual piece.  


Be fearless.  Do you what makes you feel incredible.  I can remember attempting to wear certain styles just because they were popular, but it wasn't true to me.  Whenever I follow my inner style compass, I feel confident, and that shines through so brightly it's impossible to hide.


We are all rock stars in our own right.  Dress for you and you only.


It's simplistic.  It's widely circulated.  But it's true.  An ultimate sign of respect to yourself as well as those around you is the act of dressing well.  Do yourself and everyone else the favor.

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