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Trench Envy

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If I've learned one thing this winter, it's that there's no need for a winter wardrobe anymore.  An intense El Niño season has yielded some of the warmest weather we've seen in the history of the East Coast.  And given that it's currently almost 50 degrees, it seems the forced Groundhog Day prediction of a short winter is holding true.

So what are we supposed to wear now? That parka from The North Face will feel like your own personal furnace.  And your 3/4 length topcoat will scream that you're trying too hard.  A trench coat is one of those key year-round pieces that can make a welcome appearance before the official start of Spring.  Not too heavy and not too light, it's the perfect outerwear companion to combat Mother Nature's indecisiveness.  

If you can, try to forgo the standard beige variety.  Whenever it rains, you'll look like every other gentleman dodging puddles on the streets of your city.  Opt for an off-white beauty like this one or a bold pop color that walks away from tradition.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick up this exact one I'm wearing as it's "vintage" from Banana Republic's heyday.  But fear not.  A quick dig through the racks at your favorite department store can turn up some stylish alternatives.  

Don't fret because this winter didn't give you a chance to show off your favorite inclement weather gear.  There's always next year.  Slip into a new era trench and stay perfectly covered for any temperature.

Photography by Tarik Carroll

Trench Coat, Gloves & Polo: Banana Republic//Jeans: Gap//Boots: Calvin Klein//Sweater: CPO

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