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10 Designers That Should Give Bernie Sanders A Makeover

All political affiliations aside, it's clear that Bernie Sanders is passionate about his positions on many issues.  So passionate that he's given up even the slightest attempts at taming what's left of his hair.  So passionate that he's fully adopted the standard bland politician suit look.  He probably has a closet full of the same suits pre-matched with woven shirts and equally bland ties fetched from sale tables at Macy's.  The most edge we've seen from this man's style is a campaign poster where he left one shirt button undone.  I know it's politics, and even as a liberal, your wardrobe needs to communicate that you're so invested in your political beliefs that you don't have a single second to improve your style.  I, for one, know it's actually very capable to have a political affiliation and look like you bought your suit somewhere other than Men's Wearhouse.  I mean, when have we ever seen Barack and Michelle look shabby? I'll answer that for you: never.  If Mr. Sanders wants to continue being the champion for the millennials, he has to understand that image is everything.  Even in politics.  Here are 10 designers that can help with his style upgrade.

1. Thom Browne

Maybe some of Browne's plays on proportion or his signature cropped pants could inject some avant garde spirit into Sanders' look.  Thom Browne has proven that you can get suited up without being too buttoned up.

2. Tom Ford

It takes A LOT of money to run a presidential campaign.  And it takes A LOT of money to wear Tom Ford's clothes.  We know you have the funds, Bernie.  Maybe a luxe turn in your suiting choices could give you the edge you need.

3. Alexander Wang

Maybe we could all feel the Bern if he felt a new sartorial direction.  Imagine Bernie in a leather blazer, elongated tee, and some fresh white high tops.  Streetwear for the White House set.

4. Hood By Air

Sanders is already on the left with his politics.  Let's go all the way left of center with his style choices.  He could host a support rally at Skylight Clarkson Square during the next New York Fashion Week wearing a silver cage around his head and a tremendous chain belt.  Bernie Sanders SS17.

5. Libertine

Libertine's FW16 show was one of few that used the runway for an outright political message.  So there's no reason Bernie shouldn't feel right at home in a paint-splattered cropped paint suit.

6. Balmain

Maybe what Bernie needs is a little glitz. A little European-inspired Hollywood glamour.  Balmain's intricate beading, bold colors, and sophisticated patterns could interest even the most news-adverse young voters.

7. Commes Des Garçons

The VERY avant garde brand has a feverish following in Japan.  Perhaps a 3D printed suit would be a fashion risk that shows Bernie's international appeal.  

8. Dolce & Gabbana

One of the most recent D&G ads focused on an Italian family.  A superbly dressed and ridiculously good looking one.  What better way to communicate the values of family to your supporters than an expertly talilored, top tier suit from a brand that's all about family?

9. John Elliott

Perhaps a step into anit-suit territory could be the right move.  Relaxing his look.  Unbuttoning.  Dressing down.  John Elliott's aesthetic is about the more refined side of streetwear.  Tailored joggers, leather varsity jackets, and plush sweatshirts make athleisure appropriate for any occasion.  Maybe this is the move for Bernie during the next supporter event in Soho.

10. Louis Vuitton

LV is a globally recognized brand that's all about refinement.  Their mens collection offers the basics on steroids.  Slim cuts and neutral color range rule.  Maybe Bernie can move beyond suiting with some beautifully assembled combinations of great separates.

Or maybe he'll just keep wearing the same old thing.  We'll see how far he gets. 

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