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5 Uptown Bourgeois Posts You May Have Missed This Week-2.28.16

I've had a busy week here at Uptown Bourgeois covering everything from my disdain for the lack of diversity on Girls to the realization that Drake is our collective drunk uncle.  But even with so much happening here to pull you back in, I'm sure there's some posts you may have missed.  See below for the stories I feel didn't get a fair shake.  Happy Reading!

Trench Envy

This winter has been a tricky one for many of us.  10 degrees one day.  60 degrees the next.  You still need outerwear, but you need pieces that stand out.  You're always safe with a trench.  Here's how to pick one: http://bit.ly/1SOmtxi

I'm Black And I'm Not Boycotting The Oscars

#OscarsSoWhite has brought an important discussion to the forefront.  But boycotting the ceremony is not the right move.  Find out why: http://bit.ly/1QwFzBx

5 Reasons Anwar Hadid's Modeling Contract Signals The Return Of The Male Supermodel

Gigi and Bella's little bro is joining the Hadid fray with a modeling contract at IMG Models.  At just 16, his signing could signal an upswing for the male model population: http://bit.ly/1mXythN

I Might Be The Black, Gay Larry David

Larry David may seem like an unlikely millennial hero, but he and I actually have a lot in common: http://bit.ly/1R5iw1a

Troye Sivan's Youth Video Is A Beautiful Symbol of LGBT Progress

Openly gay 20-year-old singer Troye Sivan is a YouTube phenom who's successfully crossed over to pop stardom.  And his dreamy new clip for single, "Youth", is a gorgeous tribute to young gay love: http://buff.ly/1LKdW6Q

The 3 Biggest Men's Oscar Fashion Mistakes (and how to fix 'em)

10 Designers That Should Give Bernie Sanders A Makeover