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Pennsylvania Skies

Pennsylvania Skies 1
Pennsylvania Skies 2

Ah, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Land of the-well, I don't really know what the city's known for other than being the capital of Pennsylvania.  But I do know it's in very close proximity to Hershey, PA where none other than-you guessed it-Hershey Park is located.  You can spend an afternoon digging through the local thrift stores (which there are tons of), chow down on some pretty authentic Mexican cuisine, and have a killer, locally sourced brunch at The Mill.  And it's not too difficult to be the best dressed person in town while you do all of this.

This look, pulled together pretty quickly for an impromptu shoot, is mostly about shades of gray.  Monochromaticity is still a big thing this year, and I just happened to have several pieces packed into my tiny suitcase that were all the same color.  The key to pulling off a monochromatic look is to avoid matching exact hues.  Each gray, whether it's the sweatshirt, pants, or boots, is slightly different.  But all the pieces still work together to tell a cohesive gray story.  A navy coat bounces well off this look and keeps things from getting too dull.  

This is simplicity at its best-free of patterns and graphics.  But it was just right for a small town, overcast winter day. Have you tried the monochromatic look? What's your favorite color for this trend? Let me know in the comments!

Photography by Davide Quattrucci

Coat: Zara//Hat: Urban Outfitters//Sweatshirt: Gap//Pants: H&M//Boots: Steve Madden//Socks: Happy Socks

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