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The Bag Makes The Man

The Bag Makes The Man

Does the man make the bag? Or does the bag make the man? It's a sartorial game of the chicken and the egg.  But whatever you believe, there's no doubt that the right bag can certainly make the outfit.  

There was a point in men's fashion where guys weren't all that concerned about the bag they carried.  A messenger bag, a sweaty old gym bag, a beat up backpack.  Regardless of all the advances in menswear, most guys still seemed to be behind the style power curve when it came to this all-important accessory.  I hate to break it to you guys, but nice bags for men are not just a luxury thing.  It's not just a runway look.  And no it won't make you look like a woman.  While there are some cultures (i.e. Tokyo) where men carry bags that border on the more feminine side, US culture is a little less evolved.  So you need a bag that drives home the following points: you have great style, you can perfectly accent your look, and you're still a man.

A leather duffle usually does the trick.  Is this an everyday bag? Well that depends on your lifestyle.  If you're a guy that hits the gym before or after work, why not carry all your gear in style? If you're a city dweller like myself, you depend on public transportation to get around.  This means no car and no backseat to through things on.  So your bag carries everything you need to function for the next 8-12 hours until you make it back home.  A change of clothes, snacks, a second pair of shoes, snacks, and more snacks. Or if this seems a bit too cumbersome for everyday life, it doubles as the perfect weekender.  Toss all your clothes and toiletries in, throw it in the overhead bin, and travel with ease and a sense of classic style.

Cognac is a great color way to go for fall and winter.  It's a darker cousin of beige that truly evokes elegance, refinement, and masculinity.  And surprisingly, it bounces well off just about every color you can think of.  In this look, I'm wearing green pants, a navy coat, and black sweater.  And the bag perfectly complements the look vs. making it all feel too busy or off-kilter.

The next time you're headed out the door and feel like something's missing, you might be right.  Take your day look up just a couple more notches with the perfect bag.  In this case, the bag definitely makes the man.

Photography by Sahed Photography.com

Bag: Cutter & Buck//Coat: Zara//Sweater: CPO//Pants: H&M//Boots: Steve Madden//Undershirt: American Apparel

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