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For those outside of New York, Manhattan can seem like a hedonistic adult playland.  But for those living in and fighting their way through New York life, some days can really suck. Some days are dark, and I'm not talking about stormy skies.  While the city's energy can be frenetic and contagious, at times, it can be simultaneously exhausting.  New York City is a mix of contradictions that can leave you winded and hollow.  What better way to demonstrate this than with an all-black look.  

This is really about the jacket.  Its sweeping silhouette engulfs me thanks to the synthetic/polyester blend.  It balloons out-a black energy seemingly overtaking my entire outfit.  It's balanced out by subtle detailing like the gray wool gloves and the special edition tote.  The bag is an exclusive goodie courtesy of the Mori Art Museum's Takashi Murakami exhibit, The 500 Arhats, in Tokyo.  Inspired by one of his paintings, it effectively captures the dark side of New York City life.

While dressing in all black can seem like an easy way out, it can also double as a way to project your mood and spirit to the people around you.  Break it up with subtle details and strong accessories to keep things from heading too far to the dark side.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Jacket: Zara//T-shirt: Urban Outfitters//Gloves: Frank & Oak//Jeans: Greywire//Boots: Steve Madden//Bag: Takashi Murakami//Backpack: Estarer//Beanie: Urban Outfitters

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