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Aaron Carter's Trump Endorsement Is A Sad Attempt At Relevance

By Jefferey Spivey

Aaron Carter has been desperately clinging to his C-list celebrity status for some time now.  And not even a stint in rehab, a bankruptcy filing, or gay rumors can keep him in the public eye for more than a few sad moments at a time.  In a last-ditch effort to penetrate public consciousness, he took to Twitter last week to endorse Donald Trump.  The Twitterverse unsurprisingly tore him to shreds, and GQ.com, a publication that can literally interview anyone in the world, dedicated an article to exploring his political beliefs and troubled backstory.  I’ll be the first to admit that I just don’t get it.

For starters, the opening of the GQ.com piece proves that Carter has absolutely no idea about what he’s talking about.  He doesn’t support Trump’s views on immigration or gay marriage.  But he can’t cite what views he actually agrees with.  In a political year where immigration and gay marriage are the two defining issues of the campaign cycle, I’m not quite sure what else he stands so strongly for that overrules these giant, critical policy points.  Perhaps it’s further truth that Trump’s campaign is based on ignorance and fear mongering instead of concrete policy and substance.  But that’s a whole other article.

I wonder how his rumored boo, Chris Crocker, feels about his Trump endorsement.  You remember Crocker of “Leave Britney Alone!” viral video fame.  He was a YouTube sensation that parlayed his 15 minutes of fame into a gay porn career.  And earlier this year, a series of candid videos and photos surfaced of Crocker and Carter getting up close and personal.  This was more interesting than his political views by far.  But I’m not sure how he can support a political party or candidate that’s in staunch opposition of providing equal rights to the LGBT community when he may or may not be a part of the community himself.

Carter admits in the GQ piece that he’s never voted before.  And that’s clear in the fact that he hasn’t taken a second to fully research the candidate he’s so publicly endorsing.  The media has hopped all over this story, but it’s not even clear why it’s a story to begin with when so much is happening.  This campaign cycle is short on a lot of things, but newsworthy drama isn’t one of them.  So it’s quite odd that credible media sources are swarming around the digital takedown of a marginally talented and largely forgotten public figure.

In his own words, he has more or less proven that he’s not qualified to discuss the topic.  He’s clearly trying to ride the Trump wave of extremism back into the spotlight.  But not even he is sure of why he’s there.  Social media has given a voice to everyone who wants to use it, but not everyone needs to heard.  This is absolute proof of that. Carter’s had his minor resurgence for the time being.  Now it’s time for him to get busy on Google and start learning about this election before he makes any more public declarations.  

Until his next shot at relevance…

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