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Go Long Or Go Home

Elongated shirts can lead you into tricky territory.  Too long and you can look like you’re drowning in cotton quicksand.  Too shapeless and you can look like you sewed together your bed sheets.  There’s most definitely an art to pulling off an elongated woven shirt.  If you’ve wanted to try the look but felt it was too daring or too difficult to navigate, here’s some pointers.

Rule 1: Rock it with skinny or slim jeans

Though these pant fits may be my preferred answer to just about any style question, they are absolutely essential when making an attempt at elongated shirts.  It’s all about proportion.  If your shirt is extra long and your pants are too loose, your look will swallow you whole.  You’ll look frumpy and miserable.  And unless that’s the vibe you’re trying to give off, you’ll want to go as slim as possible below the waist.

Rule 2: Layer it. 

If you’re a truly daring and creative spirit, rock the shirt by itself.  By all means.  But odds are, if this is your first go at a top of this length, you’ll want some back up.  Drop a sweater on top.  Preferably v-neck to show off any collar detail from your shirt.  In terms of fabric, do whatever is seasonably appropriate.  And don’t get a piece that’s too fitted.  Elongated shirts=a lot of fabric.  A skin tight sweater will bunch your shirt together and give you extra torso size in the most unflattering way.

Rule 3: Keep it casual. 

An elongated shirt is a casual one.  Imagine if I’d worn a tie with this look.  Douchebag…trying too hard…those phrases come to mind.  This isn’t about dressing up.  It’s about scaling down.  Suede desert boots, a beanie, and a backpack help me keep things pared down and relaxed.  Trust me on this one.  This shirt isn’t for the boardroom.  So avoid professional style cues.

While they may initially seem like one of those fashion risks that’s better served on the style elite, elongated shirts are something that can work for you as long as you stay mindful of overall proportion, layers, and a casual aesthetic.  Go long or go home? Well, that doesn’t quite work.  But you get what I mean.  Just test it out already.

Photography by Tarik Carroll Creative

Shirt: H&M//Sweater: CPO//Jacket: Express//Jeans: Banana Republic//Boots: Steve Madden//Beanie: Urban Outfitters//Backpack: Estarer

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