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The Kanye Kissing Kanye Mural Is Everything You Hoped It Was



Sydney artist Scott Marsh has a great sense of humor.  

Remember last year when that Photoshopped red carpet photo of Kanye passionately kissing himself made the rounds?  I know you do.  It has even been widely reported that Kanye wanted that photo removed from the Interwebz.  Like that would ever actually happen.  Well, in an even more permanent tribute to the funny and controversial photo, Marsh has immortalized the pic in a giant mural on the side of a Sydney wine and cheese bar.  

You have to admit this is even more enjoyable than the original photo.  At a time when Yeezy seems to be a stone's throw away from completely losing his mind, the mural is a stirring tribute to his egoism.  I'm sure The Life of Pablo rapper won't find this funny at all.  But that doesn't matter.  Art plus comedy makes for a hearty Sunday laugh.  And I'm here for it.  100%.

Marsh is no stranger to paying homage to great artists.  His Instagram account also boasts richly detailed paintings of Notorious B.I.G., James Brown, and Bob Marley to name a few.  Perhaps this Banksy-esque street art marks a new direction and some newfound fame for the artist.  Here's hoping he paints a mural of Donald Trump on the side of an Outback Steakhouse.

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