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Scott Baio Confirms A Trump Endorsement Is The Proven Path Back To The Spotlight



Donald Trump’s campaign has been an unstoppable ratings force that shows no signs of slowing down.  Praised by some for his candor and ridiculed by others for his reckless verbal abandon, Trump has turned the 2016 election season into a painful, reality TV marathon.  And aside from his campaign’s ability to drum up rage, anger, befuddlement, and sucker punches across the nation, Trump has exhibited an uncanny ability to resurrect yesterday’s celebrities from relative obscurity.  Call him the D-list whisperer.

We’re only two days into the week, and we’ve already seen yet another has been crawl out from his show business grave to endorse Daddy Warbucks.  That’s right.  Scott Baio, of Charles In Charge fame and perhaps more notably of Scott Baio is 46…And Pregnant, has given a very public thumbs up to the Donald. During an interview on Fox News this past Sunday (of course it was on Fox News), Baio cited that he understood when Trump spoke.  Well that isn’t a hard thing to do considering his speech writers are only able to craft messages at a 6th grade reading level.  Undoubtedly, he’s encountered sitcom scripts with more emotional gravitas than a Trump rally speech.

Baio is the latest sad sack to join the motley crue of throwback celebs (and I use the term celeb pretty loosely at this point) who’ve seized this very minor moment to shine.  Among others, Aaron Carter, Kid Rock, and Stacey Dash have braved extreme public scrutiny to confess their love for the controversial candidate.  The last few months in pop culture have looked like the ghosts of middle school past.  With all of these marginally talented and largely forgettable people vying for my political attention, it’s like being trapped in an episode of Where Are They Now from the cutting room floor.

I’m not convinced that any of these “celebrities” even really support Trump.  I have yet to hear any of them cite a specific policy or campaign stance that they identify with.  Their interest in Trump as president runs about as deep as a kiddie pool.  When asked about why they’re supporting him, their answers pack as much depth as a FaceTime conversation between Melania Trump and a linguistics professor.  They are all riding the wave of publicity back into the spotlight.  But at most, they’ll just be there long enough for their Google search activity to triple for a day.  And maybe some reruns of their most notable work will trend as popular on Netflix.  But after that, there won’t be any lasting effects.

If I was Trump, I’d be looking out for some more notable stars to endorse my ticket.  Right now, his endorsement group looks like the rejected cast of a Celebrity Apprentice season.  We as a public have no desire to see Baio, Carter, Rock, or Dash discuss their political views on national television.  Nor do we even want to see them do what made them famous in the first place.  They should stick to doing whatever it was they were doing before they came out of hiding.

Baio’s Trump endorsement is yet another reminder that this campaign season is ripe with comedy and short on substance.  I really hope that people start taking this seriously.  I mean, what’s next? Is Adrianne Curry going to pop up on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss her views on foreign policy? Let’s keep politics serious and keep the D-list where they belong-waiting by their phones for a Dancing With The Stars callback.

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