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5 Reasons To Let David Letterman Retire In Peace

Roughly eight months have passed since David Letterman hosted his last Late Show.  And from the looks of things, the 68-year-old TV host is REALLY enjoying retirement.  He turned up earlier this week in some widely circulated photos of his afternoon jog.  But these pics were newsworthy, not because Letterman seemed to be training for some intense physical contest, but because he looked like he was in training to become Santa Claus.  The bald head, the full white beard, the Walkman headphones.  Gone was the stylish, refined gent of late night.  He was replaced with a seemingly much older and more portly doppelgänger.  And the mocking tone in the media has been nonstop (I know, I know...I'm mocking him here, too).  While his new look is a bit jarring compared to what we're used to, the man is retired.  I'm sure when I retire, sweatpants, a beard, and beer will be part of my everyday uniform.  So I can't blame him.  We've all had a good laugh this week.  But it's time to let him enjoy his retirement.  Here's why.

1. No one can be expected to dress like this in retirement. 



And why would anyone want to? Isn't the whole point of retirement to live a work-free life? David Letterman wore suits to work every day for decades.  He's earned the right to wear whatever he wants now.  If he wants to spend the rest of his life in a bath towel, he absolutely can.

2. You wish you could let your beard grow this long right now.

But you're probably still 30 years off from retirement.  So you have to keep shaving.  Every. Single. Day.  That's not Dave's fault.  Don't be jealous.  Your time will come.

3. Retirement is a private affair.

Your post-employment life should be full of joy, relaxation, and personal fulfillment.  It shouldn't be characterized by dodging paparazzi shots.  If the man wants to jog around town dressed like a Bald Santa, by all means let him.  He's earned it.

4. Judging a 68-year-old's physical appearance is kind of rude.



Shame on you for holding Letterman to the same standards as Channing Tatum.  When you're 68, you will not want anyone to talk about your facial hair, style of dress, or how you resemble an overweight children's icon.  Most of us don't want that now.  But maybe in some peculiar way, it could be cool to be compared to Santa...

5. This is a one-note joke that will get old.



Other than his jolly white beard, Letterman is still living a pretty awesome life.  There really isn't much else to poke fun at.  We should all be so lucky to head out jogging for more than a couple steps when we're 60 plus.  Hell, some of us aren't doing that now.  Despite the unwanted attention, good ol' Dave looks like he's enjoying his new retirement lifestyle.  And we need to let him.

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