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Dress With Seoul: 5 Style Moves To Steal From The Men Of Seoul Fashion Week

Original unedited photo courtesy of  Vogue |Alex Finch

Original unedited photo courtesy of Vogue|Alex Finch

Seoul, South Korea's gorgeous capital city, is an intergalactic space cousin to Tokyo's more refined brand of style envelope pushing.  This season's Seoul Fashion Week has garnered some headlines for its hot, young designer talent.  But what's really garnering interest is the eye-catching fashion of the show attendees.  As many other cities abroad have proven, there are no rules when it comes to dressing for a fashion show.  And the sidewalks outside of the Flourmill Factory at Yeongdeungpo are rogue territory.  Seriously anything goes.  But here are 5 style moves from this season's crop of street style pics that really resonate.

1. 3/4 length outerwear is king.

Photo courtesy of  Vogue |Alex French

Photo courtesy of Vogue|Alex French

For a time, it seemed that bombers were the answer to all your spring outwear needs.  Cropped, colorful, and luxe, a bomber jacket was the perfect way to combine luxury and streetwear.  But it looks like a new preferred outerwear style is being ushered in.  Shot after shot, the men of Seoul were photographed in trenches and coats that were only fingertips away from scraping the ground.  Old school detective garb gets spaced out to make one addictive spring coat trend.

2. Skinny is over.

Photo courtesy of  Highsnobiety

Photo courtesy of Highsnobiety

We saw this during London Collections: Men too.  The only silhouette is a billowing one.  Treating your clothes like gift wrap for your body is passé.  The bigger the better.  Men were seen in oversized sweatshirts and draping pants.  But they weren't being swallowed alive by their loose looks.  There was an effortless brand of style on display.  Sure, the clothes are big.  But the amount of detail and confidence involved in pulling it off makes it so chic and desirable.  

3. Pull your collars out.

Photo courtesy of  Vogue |Alex Finch

Photo courtesy of Vogue|Alex Finch

We've been raised to keep our shirt collars in check.  Pinned down.  Tucked in.  Straight and narrow.  But Seoul's most stylish men are rocking out with their collars out and proudly letting them flap in the wind.  This worked best on cotton or silk-blend shirting that was layered with sweatshirts.  The message seemed to be that a great shirt shouldn't be contained underneath other layers. Once a sign of masculine restraint, the collar was reinvented here as a beacon of rebellion.

4. Statement anything.

Photo courtesy of  Highsnobiety

Photo courtesy of Highsnobiety

From blazers to jackets to tops, words were on everything the eye could see.  Statement messaging on your clothes is back.  But we're not talking about the vaguely witty sexual innuendo of an Abercrobmie & Fitch tee here.  These clothes contain messages of pride, emotion, art, and rebel behavior.

5. Vetements is the brand of now.

Photo courtesy of  W Magazine |Yeong Mo Lee

Photo courtesy of W Magazine|Yeong Mo Lee

Balenciaga's fashion darling, Demna Gvasalia, has been a crowd pleaser in recent months with his work as creative director for the chic luxury brand.  But it's his own brand, Vetements, that's attracting attention from fashion fans all over the globe.  The label is singlehandedly resurrecting an alternative culture in fashion, and nowhere was that more apparent than on the streets of Seoul.  It's clear that we need to get our hands on these pieces now before they become sold out cult classics.

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