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Spring Feels

This year, Spring has proven to be the elusive chanteuse.  She greeted us with six inches of snow.  She's given us sunny warmth in the afternoon and frigid cold after sundown.  She can't decide whether she wants to turn New York into a hedonistic summer playground or a dreary London offshoot.  Her mood is neurotic.  Unstable at best.  Because of all this meteorological uncertainty, we have to leave home prepared for every possible scenario.

You've got to layer like the MacGuyver of style.  When it's still overcast and chilly, you need a wool-blend topcoat whose warmth lands somewhere between The North Face and Canada Goose.  As the sun starts to peek out, you can ditch your coat as long as you've got a strong protective layer underneath like an oversized cardigan.  And if things really start to sizzle, you can shed one last layer as long as you're protected by some gentlemanly shirting like a gingham woven of any color variety.  

Surviving the transitional months is all about expecting the unexpected.  Leave home without a jacket, and you'll regret it the minute the cold wind slaps your skin.  Head out in a chunky sweater with no undershirt and you're stuck wading in a pool of your own sweat all day.  Layer appropriately, and you'll be ready for whatever Spring throws your way.

Photography by Tarik Carroll Creative

Coat: Kenneth Cole//Sweater: Zara//Shirt & Jeans: Banana Republic//Sneakers: Keds//Gloves: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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