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5 Reasons I'm Excited For Amanda Lepore's Memoir, 'Doll Parts'

Amanda Lepore is releasing a memoir this summer titled ‘Doll Parts’, and I’m exploding with curiosity.  Lepore is the original transgender icon.  Before Caitlyn Jenner dominated the conversation with her tortuous reality show and baffling right-wing politics, it was Lepore who captivated national attention.  She has always been a fixture in the gay community, never turning her back on us for more mainstream fame.  She’s successfully towed the line between global recognition and gay community loyalty.  As the self-proclaimed owner of ‘the most expensive body on Earth’, I’m sure her autobiography will be jam-packed with juicy details and thrilling stories.  I’ve always been fascinated by her story.  From casually rubbing elbows with her at David Barton Gym to watching her rule over the now-defunct Cuckoo Club party of my clubbing heyday, I’ve been intrigued.  This memoir is one I’m sure won’t disappoint.  Here’s 5 reasons why:


1.     She is the modern day Edie Sedgwick.

Lepore has spent the vast majority of the last 20 years playing muse for famed photographer David LaChapelle.  The iconic photos are still some of the most celebrated to this day, and I’m sure there are wild stories behind them.

2.     She was within arms’ reach of The Party Monster.

One of the most infamous stories to emerge from the New York Club Kid Era was that of Michael Alig, who gruesomely murdered clubgoer Angel Melendez.  Lepore was featured in the 1998 documentary about the murder and even went on to cameo in the 2003 biopic Party Monster.  Perhaps she’ll touch on her connection to both Alig and Melendez in the book.

3.     Maybe we’ll find out exactly how many surgeries she’s had.

Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

Lepore has been very open about her plastic surgeries taking part in everything from breast augmentation to lip injections to butt implants.  But she has never revealed the exact amount of surgeries or how many thousands of dollars they’ve cost her.  Maybe the answer to the salacious question lies in her book.

4.     We’ll get the inside scoop on her love life.

A Google search of Lepore leads you to countless photos and stories about her iconic looks.  But precise information on her love life is scarce.  This memoir promises to take us inside this rather intimate part of her story.

5.     We’ll take a trip back to the raw era of NYC.

These days, New York is like a big, dirty DisneyWorld with Times Square serving as an overcrowded main draw.  But Lepore rose to fame before it was safe to hang out in Hell’s Kitchen.  This book will undoubtedly take us back to a time when the city truly wasn’t for the faint at heart.

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