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Most People Don't Care That You Don't Care



I recently shared the following post on Facebook:

“Why do people feel the need to comment that they don't care? When I don't care about something, I just don't say anything. If you truly don't care, just keep scrolling boo. No one cares that you don't care.”

Something about this really resonated with people.  There was comment after comment of agreement.  What was just a one-off momentary Facebook rant for me revealed something bigger. That seemingly everyone is fed up with the current climate of comment culture (say that fast five times).

Social media has given everyone a voice.  And while that’s great for grassroots social movements and Kickstarter funding, hearing everyone’s voice is often to our detriment.  Especially when these people have nothing to say.

"Hearing everyone’s voice is often to our detriment."

‘Who cares?’ is the worst possible comment you could leave on someone’s post.  More than insulting the intelligence of the poster or vehemently disagreeing with their opinion, it’s the ultimate hate comment.  For those who truly give no fucks, they flagrantly display their nonchalance by scrolling past comment-free. They may roll their eyes or grunt, but I’ll never know about it because they really didn’t care enough to say anything.  The person who takes the time to type, ‘Who cares?’, actually really cares a lot.  They care so much that they want everyone else to know.  And sometimes they even find an appropriate GIF or meme to help communicate how much they don’t care.  Well, you really fooled me Guy Who Doesn’t Care.  Because despite supposedly not caring about this topic, you got fired up enough to research an image that helped you accurately share your disdain.

"Your statement is an indication of fury, which is quite the opposite of not caring."

What ‘Who cares?’ actually means is that you care A LOT.  Your statement is an indication of fury, which is quite the opposite of not caring.  Your statement is dismissive.  You don’t agree with my stance on a subject and you wish it wasn’t in your feed.  Or you’re tired of seeing a certain topic in your feed, and it was my post that sent you over the edge.  Or you don’t think my post was important enough to take up space in your ever precious feed.

Well, here’s a news flash for you, Guy Who Doesn’t Care.  If I took the time to comment on Facebook posts that I thought were irrelevant, wrong, or oversaturated, I’d never use Facebook.  Or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media network with user-generated content.  It’s far more exhausting to spend your days declaring all the things you don’t care about when you could simply focus on those things that you love.

And isn’t this freedom of expression the real beauty of social media? If I want to share pictures of my sandwich or talk about the writing on Girls or poke fun at the celebrity wasteland that is Donald Trump’s endorsement pool, I have every right to do so.  And as my friend or follower or fan (or whatever), you have the right to disengage.  You can keep scrolling.  Commenting ‘Who cares?’ is a complete waste of digital space.  Unless you have something substantial to contribute to the conversation, take your fingers off the keys.  Practice some comment restraint for the greater good of the public sharing space.

I could have simply stated that I don’t care about the fact that you don’t care. But instead, I’ve dedicated 500+ words to explaining why that comment in and of itself is garbage.  I’m showing you some respect, Guy Who Doesn’t Care.  Kindly do the same for me.

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