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5 Uptown Bourgeois Posts You May Have Missed This Week-3.27.16



It's Easter Sunday, y'all.  Another week comes to a close and a busy week it was.  The first full week of Spring.  Eventually apologetic public sexism in the world of tennis. The announcement of transgender icon Amanda Lepore's first memoir.  There were so many things to be excited about.  So many stories to follow.  I know your time is precious, and you may have, unfortunately, missed out on some of the Uptown Bourgeois action.  But being the kind soul that I am, I've curated 5 stories for your reading pleasure to help you get caught up.  Because that's what real friends do.  (And I just really want you to read these pieces.)

1. Spring Feels

Spring has officially arrived and with it comes the daily uncertainty of what to wear.  Some days offer frigid cold while others are piping hot.  If you want tips on how to dress for the unpredictable weather of this transitional season, look no further.  I'm here to help you layer like a pro. Shop the look below:

The First Monday In May is set to open the TriBeca Film Festival in April, and it promises to offer an exclusive and rare behind the scenes look at the Super Bowl of fashion.  Yes, please.  Give us more Anna Wintour.  Give us glamorous designer looks.  Give us Justin Beiber in a gold embroidered tuxedo jacket?

3. No Raymond Moore, Female Tennis Players Should Not Thank God For Men

Outside of the tennis world, many people weren't familiar with Raymond Moore.  But the former tennis pro and BNP Paribas Tournament CEO became a household name after his sexist comments about female tennis players went viral.  Now, he's out of a job and arguably one of the most hated men in sports.  Here's a look at his flawed opinions.

4. Most People Don't Care That You Don't Care

You've surely encountered this guy online.  You share a Facebook post about something you're passionate about. Then some asshole comments, 'Who cares?'. Really? Why waste your time expressing how much you don't care? He frustrates me severely, and I know he frustrates you too.  Let's give him his just desserts.

5. Scott Baio Confirms A Trump Endorsement Is The Proven Path Back To The Spotlight

Last weekend, Scott Baio endorsed Donald Trump during an interview on Fox News.  He joins a long list of D-list celebs who are gleefully riding the Trump wave back into the spotlight.  The Trump campaign endorsement group is starting to look a lot more like the cast of an epic 'Where Are They Now?' special.

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Most People Don't Care That You Don't Care