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It's Okay If You Don't Read Everything



Dear friends, fam, & whoever else may be reading this,

If you don’t have any creative people in your close circle, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: we’re a sensitive breed.  Where most other work is skill-based and you adopt a professional persona while doing your job, creative work requires more of your soul.  Especially as a writer, I constantly draw on my own feelings, opinions, and experiences in the hopes of getting even more people to read my work.  With some of my life’s most intimate details floating around the web, I tend to get a bit overprotective of the posts I write.

That being said, it’s okay if you don’t read everything.  Yeah, I said it.  It’s okay if you don’t read everything.  I know that sounds crazy coming from someone whose livelihood is heavily dependent on you reading everything.  But I get it, and that’s why I’m saying it.

I can’t think of one writer or website that I read 7 days a week.  Even if I love someone’s writing, I need a break.  I want to read someone or something else.  I want to hear a different voice or perspective.  We live in an age of extreme information overload.  Everyone is sharing articles, memes, GIFs, videos, and opinions.  At every turn on the Web, there’s a new nugget of info to consume.  It can get overwhelming without having a friend, significant other, coworker, acquaintance, ex, or family member constantly begging you to read something new.  I am one of thousands of people fighting for your daily attention.  If it comes down to the cat meme or my piece about diversity in Hollywood, I know there are plenty of times where a cat meme is taking the top prize.

I write about a wide range of topics that I’m passionate about.  Sometimes those topics align with what you’re passionate about too.  Sometimes it’s a complete miss.  Every day can’t be the best.  Every post can’t be a viral sensation. 

I don’t take offense to this.  Yes, this is my dream. Yes, I work extremely hard on every word I write and release to the world.  Yes, I would love for everyone to read every single sentence on Uptown Bourgeois.  But I live in reality, and I know this won’t happen.  I won’t read everything that you post either.  Sometimes your 1,000 word rants about Donald Trump are just too much for me, and I need lighter fare.  Sometimes I actually get tired of talking about Beyoncé, and I need something more.  We all feel the same way about each other’s material.  And that’s perfectly normal.

I encourage you to engage with the material that you feel drawn to.  And if you’re not interested, by all means, keep on scrolling.  Don’t feel trapped into support just because we know each other.  There’s a mutual respect between us, and there’s also a mutual right to disengage.

But please know during those special times when I lead with a disclaimer like “This is the best thing I’ve ever written” or “this is one of the most vulnerable pieces I’ve ever done”, and you don’t read it—you are hurting my feelings.  Because you’re all part of my support system, and when I’m really proud of something, I want to share it with all of you.  Imagine baring your soul in the middle of Times Square and only one person turns to look at you.  Sometimes writing highly personal work on the information superhighway can feel just like that.

In conclusion, let’s keep supporting each other’s online efforts in a way that’s organic and true to who we are.  But let’s be there to support each other when it really matters.



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