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The Perfect Accomplice...

Ever since my life-changing trip to Tokyo, the influence of the super cool Japanese fashion scene has been seeping into my looks.  From oversized sweaters to smart outerwear, I'm constantly paying tribute to Tokyo style in not so subtle ways.  One of the things I loved most about Tokyo men's fashion was their use of accessories.  A scarf wasn't just a neck warmer.  It was a statement.  Everywhere I turned, they were big, bold, and the central part of the look.

So I went digging in my fiancé's closet for this gigantic, woven scarf.  It's a wool blend so it obviously meets the minimum criteria for keeping your neck warm.  But the rich, textured color and the sheer size of it are the qualities that open the door to limitless possibility.  I love the look of an oversized accessory.  It's larger than life.  So editorial.  It adds a drop of runway bravado to your everyday life.  People on the subway turn their heads to get a glimpse of all that's going on in your look.  But not because they think it's funny.  It's because they wish they had the balls to pull off something as over-the-top and eye-catching as this.

Just one side note: try to find one that leans a bit heavier on the cotton side of the blend.  Though the featured scarf here is beautiful, its thread remnants shed all over everything like dog hair.  Once you take it off, you look like your were just assaulted by Snuffaluffagus.  

All jokes aside, with winter coming to a close soon, this is your one last chance to make a disruptive seasonal statement.  An oversized scarf could be the perfect accomplice in helping you become a style assassin. Go big or go home!

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Scarf and Coat: Zara//Sweater and Pants: H&M//Boots: Calvin Klein//Hat: Urban Outfitters//Gloves: Frank & Oak

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