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When Did Bum Chic Become A Thing?

Original unedited photo: Al Desnudo

Original unedited photo: Al Desnudo

I'm pretty in tune with what's happening in men's fashion.  More in tune than the average guy.  At least that's what I think.  But somehow, someway, I've missed the ascendance of a rather disturbing trend.  It seems more and more that celebrities and bloggers alike are being praised for looking like bums.  Call it bum style or bum chic.  Jeans that look like they've been fed through your kitchen sink's garbage disposal system.  Generic souvenir hoodies.  It seems as though guys are purposely digging through their old high school clothes to find "classic" pieces that are ironic nods to the past.  The more disheveled, dirty, or basic the piece, the more on trend it is.  I have to admit I don't get it.

Haven't men's magazines, and just common sense in general, taught us not to dress like this? I don't see the appeal in spending a lot of money to look like I'm broke.  Nor do I see the appeal in resurrecting high school castaways that should have been donated to a thrift store 10 years ago.  

Are we so bored with what's happening in fashion right now that we're championing an unnecessary counterculture?  Have we gotten all anti-establishment? And in the process, anti-pants, anti-clean clothes, and anti-taste?



Maybe it's a bit of Trump syndrome that's been sweeping the US.  In politics, people have become so tired of the political machine that they're more willing to place their hope in a radical, inexperienced, and controversial candidate.  Maybe men are so tired of being fed the same long-standing aesthetic that dressing down, and I mean all the way down, is a form of protest.  Well, fellas, let me assure you that your concerns have been heard loud and clear.  You want more variety in what's being offered.  If you look hard enough, that variety definitely exists.  And you don't need to dress like you're homeless to bring these options forward.

Perhaps I sound old.  I am an older millennial who's been slow to embrace many things.  I finally gave in to Snapchat three weeks ago but I'm still not convinced.  I didn't find the viral "Damn Daniel" video very funny but I find myself referencing it in conversation more often than I'd like to admit.  At times, I can be slow to adapt.  But I'm refusing to budge on this one.  This aesthetic is not all my taste, and if you want my opinion, you shouldn't dress like this either.  Just sayin'.

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