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5 Uptown Bourgeois Posts You May Have Missed This Week: 3.6.15

Greetings from Mexico City! As usual, this week at Uptown Bourgeois has been intense.  From factually flawed award speeches to embarrassing Hollywood diversity attempts to explorations of masculinity, there has been no shortage of productive conversation.  But even with many of you taking an active part in the discussions, there's still a few pieces that didn't get a fair shake.  Dive in!

1. Bye Felipe: The Instagram Account You May Have Heard Of But Need To Know About

Bye Felipe is tasty public revenge for all those women who've ever been on the receiving end of online dating hate.  At first glance, it's a hilarious account.  But digging a little deeper reveals some ugly, ugly truths about today's men.

2. Pennsylvania Skies

An impromptu weekend trip to Pennsylvania's capital led to some frigid exploration and a gorgeous new photo set.

3. Keep It Casual: 10 Ways To Wear Jeans

How ripped is too ripped? How skinny is too skinny? Here's the end all be all guide to wearing denim.  

4. When Did Bum Chic Become A Thing?

The kids these days are working really hard to look like they didn't try at all.  And the shabby trend is catching on like wildfire.

5. It's Okay If You Don't Read Everything

A heartfelt note to all of my readers about what it's really like to be a writer.

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