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Are You Guilty Of These 5 Travel Fashion Mistakes?

Traveling is great.  You're exposed to different cultures and views of the world.  You get a very necessary break from the daily grind of your normal life.  You get to live like a carefree college student again for a brief period of time.  But unfortunately, far too many of us are using travel as an excuse to air our dirty style laundry.  The fashion offenses I've seen while walking through an airport are appalling.  It makes sense that most guys are exclusively concerned with comfort, and that's valid.  But there are still some bare minimum fashion commandments to abide by when on the road.  Airports should adopt a similar policy to that of beach stores and gas stations.  No shirt, no shoes, no service; No effort, no style, no travel.  You may think nobody's watching, but what you wear while traveling still says a lot about you.  Here are 5 major travel fashion violations:

1. Wearing a sweatsuit.

Unless you're traveling as part of an all-star varsity basketball team, this is not okay.  Matching sweatsuits are for high school sports teams only.  You're a big boy now.  If you're so intent on wearing cotton pants with an elastic waistband, pick up a pair of slim joggers.  When paired back to a smart jacket and, let's say, a chambray woven shirt, you can find the balance between style and comfort.

2. Carrying this Louis Vuitton duffle bag.

This is the male equivalent of being a basic you know what.  The current era of fashion for men is all about refinement and individuality.  Gone are the days where it was viewed as cool to carry a bag with a well-recognized logo printed all over it.  We are past this.  If you're still carrying this bag, you're sending a message to the world that you don't really understand fashion and that you want everyone to know this bag was your first designer purchase.  Get something well made, leather, and logo-free as an alternative.

3. Wearing Dad jeans.

Having a dad bod=kind of cool.  Wearing dad jeans=so not cool.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  They're usually a lighter shade of blue, have a relaxed thigh with nothing even relatively close to a shape, and have a leg opening wide enough to cover your entire shoe (or boot).  When you wear dad jeans, you might as well wave a white flag because you've truly given up.  I don't expect every guy to show up for a long flight in skinny jeans, but a straight or slim leg can work wonders.

4. Wearing gym clothes.

We get it.  You love working out and you're proud.  But there's no place for burpees on board.  Not even in business class.  So unless your next workout is in the airport parking lot upon arrival, leave the compression shirt in your suitcase and try a modern hoodie instead.

5. Wearing Hawaiian or linen shirts.

 I understand you're traveling to the islands for a tropical getaway.  But your shirt isn't flowing and free.  It's humongous and doesn't fit you.  There is a very stereotypical vacation outfit that may or may not include mandals, Hawaiian shirts, and all things linen.  You can look carefree on vacation without looking ridiculous.  Oxfords and other assorted cotton blend shirts still allow you to breathe while accentuating your physique and keeping your look sharp.

Are you guilty of any these? It's time to take things up a notch and travel in style.  Immediately.

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