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5 Tricks To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive



All fashion lovers want to look their best all the time.  We look to Fashion Week thumbnails for inspiration, and there's a dopamine rush at the mention of our favorite designers.  But that enthusiasm doesn't translate to the steep price tags.  For most of us, $800 sweaters and $5,000 suits just aren't in the realm of possibility.  While mass market fashion can often be uninspired, untimely, and poorly made, it's one of the only options for the fashionisto that likes to keep his look consistently updated.  If you love Tom Ford, but Zara is more in your price range, here's 5 tricks to make your discount pieces look like runway-ready couture.

1. Exaggerate the details.

Cheap is a state of mind.  Play with the design details to get more out of your piece.  Pop the collar on a blazer.  Cuff your pant legs.  Turn your pocket square into origami.  Wrap your gigantic scarf across your entire body. The more unconventional the detail, the more elevated your look becomes.

2. Tuck it in.

Nothing looks as smart or sophisticated as tucking in those things that were meant to be tucked.  Dress shirts are a no brainer.  But try this simple gentlemanly move with some other pieces as well: polos, lightweight sweaters, and t-shirts.  

3. Carry a nice bag.

We all have a nice bag in our arsenal.  A $50 look can have a million dollar feel when it's paired with a killer bag.  Take for instance a recent look that I featured here.  The entire look was sourced via H&M and Zara, but the beautiful leather duffle pushed the look into Saks territory.

4. Keep it clean.

No matter what look you're going for, it never helps to look unkempt.  Keep your shoes polished and keep your shirts and pants wrinkle-free.  Elegance isn't about the money.  It's about the simple nuances that show you care about your appearance.

5. Go for the slimmer cut.

Baggy just doesn't cut it.  If you want your discount purchases to look like top shelf luxury, make sure everything fits you appropriately.  Fitted shirts and slim pants are the way to go.  You don't have to suffocate, but you shouldn't be able to swim in your clothes either.

Now you're ready to stretch a $20 shirt further than you ever imagined.  Don't let price hold you back from reaching your style potential.

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