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H&M x Mark Zuckerberg Is Easily The Highlight Of April Fools Day

The world of men’s fashion clearly intends to laugh heartily throughout April Fools’ Day.  Many of us fashion fiends woke up to a pretty official-looking announcement from H&M about its next big collaboration.  But their next partner-in-crime wasn’t a fashion-forward celeb or luxury designer.  It was none other than Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  I took this seriously for all of 60 seconds, but I have to give H&M credit.  If this was real, it would be a brilliant campaign.

The official site, markforhm.com, touts “One Less Thing To Think About In The Morning” as its official tagline.  The collaboration promises to bring Zuckerberg’s personal ethos, of freeing up mental energy consumed by even the easiest decisions, to the world.  The “collection” is listed as a rebranding of H&M’s basics, and The Collection Pack features seven basic grey t-shirts and one pair of basic jeans.  Basic is their wording, not mine.  But I may or may not have recently mentioned how Zuckerberg wears the same thing everywhere.  And I totally supported it. I’m so not judging him.

You’ll especially get a kick out of the Lookbook which features several shots of Zuckerberg wearing his signature outfit in every aspect of his life from giving international speeches to getting in exercise with the fam.  

I’ve got to hand it to H&M.  This is an elaborate but genius joke.  And I have a hunch that the curated basics collection could actually sell.  Plus, it’s great to see the Swedish brand taking a moment out of dominating retail to show a sense of humor.

The Mark For H&M Collection was just one of many men’s fashion-oriented pranks today.  GQ.com replaced every image on its homepage with pics of the beloved George Costanza.  And Pharrell’s streetwear brand, Billionaire Boys Club, released an extensive press release detailing its recent sale to none other than Donald J. Trump, who rebranded the label as Billionaire Men’s Club.

Oddly, not a joke was to be found over at Vogue.com.  The April Fool’s Day pranks represent the overall spirit and energy of menswear.  We really do care about well-made clothing and looking good, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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