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3 Tips To Find The Best Men's Vintage Pieces

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So what's the big deal about men's vintage, huh? A bunch of smelly old clothes jammed into an endless sea of racks.  The opposite of a compelling shopping experience.

True, stumbling upon men's vintage treasures takes some real work.  You have to dig.  And I'm not talking about flipping through a few shirts and then moving on because you haven't found a Prada button down for $20. I mean searching through 100 blazers until you land on a beauty like the Oscar De La Renta blazer I'm wearing in this photo set. Becoming a really good vintage shopper is not for the weak.  But if you're going to take a stab at it, here's a few things to remember.

1. This isn't a one-night stand.

Vintage shopping requires frequent trips to your favorite spots.  And quite often, you'll leave those trips empty-handed.  It's about dedication and repeat visits.  Don't give up because of one unsuccessful hunt.

2. Turn into the despised marketplace haggler.

Inspect every inch of every garment you plan to purchase before you get to the counter.  Just because it's on the rack doesn't mean it's in perfect condition.  You might spot a rather large imperfection that could knock a few bucks off the ticket price.

3. Take it for a test run.

This should be a given, but make sure you try everything on.  It's easy to get excited about stumbling upon a designer shirt for 15 bucks.  But as great as the find is, it doesn't mean it'll fit.  You might get home and find yourself lost in a bed sheet when you thought you were buying a shirt.  Save yourself the trouble and head to the dressing room.

Vintage shopping is really about digging deep (literally and metaphorically) and knowing when you see something great.  If you'd rather skip the thrifting trips, I've assembled a few items for you below.  Uptown Bourgeois is beta testing an e-commerce shop, and I've got some amazing men's vintage finds.  You can buy the De La Renta blazer I'm wearing here as well as other pieces from Perry Ellis and Tommy Hilfiger among others.  Take a look and happy shopping:

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Photography: Tarik Carroll Creative

Blazer: Oscar De La Renta//Shirt & Jeans: Banana Republic//Pocket Square: YZ//Boots: Calvin Klein//Socks: MrD London Socks//Wallet: Covert Clip

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