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10 Questions Megyn Kelly Should Ask Donald Trump On 'Megyn Kelly Presents'

Finally, the showdown we’ve all been waiting for is upon us.  Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly will take on Donald Trump in a May 17 Fox News special titled ‘Megyn Kelly Presents’.  While the entire special won’t focus on Trump, surely all eyes will be glued during their interview.  Kelly and Trump have rather infamously sparred in the public eye since the August 2015 presidential debate in which she took the Donald to task for his views and attitudes toward women.  Trump took to social media and the morning news circuit to blast Kelly’s debate moderation approach.  He even went as far as to skip February’s GOP debate in Iowa to avoid another round with “The Kelly File’ host.  Here’s 20 questions Kelly should dive into during their chat.

1.     So Donald, what exactly did you mean when you said I had ‘blood coming out her wherever’?

2.     What’s your view on the nude portrait of you that’s circulating heavily online?

3.     In one of your rally speeches, you alluded to the rather large size of your penis.  But judging by the portrait, your statement seems inaccurate.  Care to elaborate?

4.     Have you worked out how you’re going to convince Mexico to pay for the wall?

5.     And exactly how long do you think it will take to build-possibly your entire first term if elected?

6.     In March, you tweeted that my show was ‘never worth watching’ and that everyone should boycott it, yet you’re here for an interview. What changed your mind?

7.     As a relatively large man, did you really feel threatened by Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields?

8.     What exactly did you mean when you referred to NBC News reporter Katy Tur as ‘Little Katy’ and ‘third-rate’?

9.     You tend to only refer to your opponents and dissenters as ‘pathetic’, ‘stupid’, or ‘real losers’. Is this why you hired a speech writer?

10.  And most important, what are your thoughts on Lemonade?

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