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Zac Efron Is Your New 'Break Up' Idol

zac efron sami miró

As if it wasn’t enough that Zac Efron was your body idol, now he’s proving that he’s also an expert at the complicated art of breaking up.

Efron has reportedly split from his girlfriend of almost two years, Sami Miró.  Social media hawks picked up on the breakup before its official announcement by calling out that Efron had unfollowed Miró on both Twitter and Instagram.  Additionally, he deleted every photo of his former flame from IG.  Obviously, the very public move sent the rumor mill into a frenzy.  And then official reports surfaced.  Once E! Online reports it, you know it’s true.

According to E!’s report, the two broke up because their initial spark was gone, and the Baywatch reboot star wanted to focus more on his career.  It’s also reported that he wants to stay on friendly terms with Miró.  But apparently, friendly terms does not mean staying connected on social media.

These days, a social media separation is the ultimate indication of a breakup.  Not only do you lose the person in your life, but you also lose your window into their world.  And in many cases, you lose your memories as they’re deleted from public consciousness.  But I have to hand it to Efron.  If you’re going to break up with someone, this is the way to do it.

With social media, dating has become a very tricky web.  The things we know about each other before even going on a first date completely eclipses what our parents knew about each other by the time they walked down the aisle.  Social media can lead to complications during a relationship, and it can also make the healing process that much harder.  When you stay connected with your ex, what starts out as mourning over your relationship quickly turns into all-consuming Internet stalking.

Though it may hurt, it’s always best to separate completely.  Unfollow. Block if you have to.  But follow Efron’s lead by ripping off the band aid.  You can’t move on if the past is always in your timeline.

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